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  • EarthwirmJim EarthwirmJim Dec 17, 1999 10:59 AM Flag

    Remember August

    People believed that RadioShack would not achieve
    Double Digit sales gains? Then they got all the sales
    associates together and said hey we need to do double digit.
    Ran a special sale and we closed the month with a 12%
    sales gain. I think the same will happen and all
    radioshacks will get an emergency shipment of 1000golfscopes.
    Another reason sales are down... People are not buying RC
    cars for christmas this year. They are all looking for
    Pokemon or Gameboys. I hate nintendo.


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    • Jim -don't know how long you have worked for the
      shack but after twenty years I learned a lot of
      lessons- mainly that buyers are quirky and generally have
      their own mindset- I got stuck with a lot of junk toys
      the past two years- I mean really- are Power Rangers
      walkie talkies a smart buy- better to have Pokemon
      flashlights or something else- too many cars-and in January
      you have a big used car lot- good luck hanging in- I
      jumped out in October- the first peaceful stress free
      holiday in twenty years

    • long-term sustainable growth rate and this years
      EPS: look out below..or can you get momentum investors
      to keep driving this at stupid price levels? Nice
      price action on a bit of potentially short-term change.
      Who has been recommending this stock you have to

    • folks if you don't step up to the plate and buy TAN below $50 for a position trade, you shouldn't be in the market.