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  • nine_lb_walleye nine_lb_walleye May 6, 2000 8:12 AM Flag

    How to make my TAN stock go up

    1. sell Sprint Long Distance (they pay you $5
    each one!!
    2. sell MSFT internet service, it should
    be a gimme when someone new buys a computer.
    sell prepaid air time.
    4. sell cellular
    5. sell anything that gives TAN its residual income,
    as this is the future of this company.
    TAN made
    63 million FREE dollars last year (99) and is
    looking at 100 million FREE dollars in 2000. Imagine the
    next 5 years. This is why I am long on TAN. This is
    why you should be too.
    As for a manager or any
    employee working 6 days a week, that is nuts, eventually
    they will fry up. A six day work week is not a good
    thing. From what I understand it is up to the manager.

    As for the employee (Jim) who installed a CD-RW in a
    computer , both that were purchased at a competitor, that
    is a waste of time. If that CD stops working guess
    where he will bring it for free service. It is possible
    that TAN could be liable and have to fix it. Repair of
    items is very profitable for the company and investors,
    which is what I am. Next time send it to a repair
    center. You can still treat a customer with respect and
    collect money at the same time.

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