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  • gainer2win gainer2win May 25, 2000 4:03 PM Flag

    neckline broken on head-n-shoulders

    Now looking for a short [false breakout with no volume]pop up, maybe to 46 (sell covered calls then), then down to 35.

    good luck.

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    • I believe the prefered stock was always the
      company matching to the 401K. Since it's another way of
      following the RSH price employees need to figure this into
      their asset allocation. You could transfer every bit of
      RSH into a Putman fund and still have a piece of
      RSH's future through the preferred stock. We are now
      seeing the folly of having all of your eggs in one
      basket. Especially if thay basket is consumer electronics
      right now. Of course this would be a bad time to do the
      transfer with the price so low. Just a thought ofr the
      younger employees.

    • Just hung up with TANFUND admin, here's the

      The perferred stock is not traded publicly. This
      month's price is set by an outside company on the 3rd
      business day of next month (i.e., July 6th the new price
      will be posted for June numbers). The price is
      determined using forecasts for both RSH, its sector(s), and
      the entire market(s).

      The general factor to
      common stock price is 85 times, although my calculations
      show wide ranges.

      Your [vested] preferred stock
      cannot be transferred to another investment source (like
      you can w/ common stock or funds).

      If you
      withdraw or rollover (to gain flexibility) the account, it
      is an all-or-nothing deal, ie. no partial withdraws.

      If you withdraw, all holdings are transferred except
      preferred stock in 3-4 bus days. The preferred stock must
      wait until the 3rd bus. day of the following month to
      have the [this month's] price determined. You will
      receive two separate transfers.

      I realize this
      only effects RS employees, so I apologize to other
      investors for the lengthy message.

      Good luck all.

    • How low is low......before confidence is lost -
      We chnaged the name to RadioShack to earn more
      confidence - so we could be better identified amonst the seems faith has gone by the

      Everything is in cycles, and I stick by my thoughts - you
      examine our balance sheet and we are VERY healthy. So who
      did we piss off on Wall Street and who named them G-d
      to determine the value of the

    • Until the day you are ready to cash out - WHO
      CARES! It means you buy more and then when it goes back
      up you go back up BIG TIME!

      Patience is a
      virtute - If you are in this for the short term then so
      be it - Long term and you will win and win BIG!

    • You're welcome.

      Another more risky
      strategy is naked PUTS but useful when trying to BUY
      stocks "at a discount".

      I don't suggest this for
      RSH at this point!! But, if you thought RSH would be
      a good buy at $35, you SELL a July $35 naked put,
      currently sells for about $125 (or another month, further
      out = more money).

      You've now allowed someone
      to 'make you buy 100 shrs at $35'.

      If it
      stays above $35 thru 3rd Friday of July, you pocket
      premium ($125), no one will 'make you buy it', and sell
      it again for next monnth.

      If it goes below,
      you buy at $35 (less the $125), so you bought it at
      This is nice if you were going to buy the stock at $35

      You need to have your acct set to allow it, level 4
      option account.

      Good trading.

    • Oh yea, I never did thank you for the advice a
      while back. I mentioned that I expected Tan (it was a
      while back) to trade below 50 for the summer and you
      mentioned if I believed that I should look into covered
      calls. I did some reading and got my account set up for
      them and it's looking good now. Just a toe in the
      water but makeing money and learning at the same time,
      can't beat that. I'm still long RSH, but it doesn't
      hurt to make money both directions. Thanks again.

    • I'll make some $$ buying covered calls back. Now
      just waiting for bottom.

      This was great for
      trading account, unfortunately doesn't help my

      Hope we don't see 35 get broken, not much support

      Good luck.

    • Unfortunatly your call for a spike to the mid
      40's then a drop to the mid 30's seems right on. The
      good news is that I'm buying more in the employee
      plan. Hope you made a few bucks along the way. Take

    • I've been trading full-time for 18 months, doing
      well, learning more everyday.

      I'm using myTrack
      for realtime feed, SierraChart for charting, custom
      Excel sheets for risk/reward, quotes, arbitrage, and
      target projections, also use bigEasyInvestor for end of
      day screening. I own WOW but fees are much higher,
      although they have a few indicators I'd like to use

      I'd like to use CyberTrader (only one I know that
      offers stop loss on options) but after talking with
      them, their bandwidth requirement doesn't fit my area
      (no DSL, cable, satellite too high, no Gilaf,
      although iDSL avail - too high for 128k).

      RSI was
      optimized for RSH, that's why I'm not using 30/70

      RSH looks weak today also. If we break below 39
      7/8... bad news for longs.

    • What are you the poster child for them. Or are you a corporate fool, who doesn't even know what a RS looks like inside?

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