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Aventis (AVE) Message Board

  • get_a_gripp get_a_gripp Feb 14, 2003 6:15 PM Flag

    What a worthless board!

    It's too bad the anonymity of the internet leads to such crap on message boards. They could be such a useful means for communicating real information. Instead, you get a bunch of idiots intent on trying to move a share price with lies and half-truths.

    I've worked for Aventis and predecessors for >15 years. The company doesn't face any more challenges today than at any other time in it's history. Probably fewer.

    So far, OTC loratidine hasn't cut the size of antihistamine market drastically. Although it will surely be smaller. Ketek is moving toward approval, slowly but surely. And for the record, the US business is primarily run by Americans!

    It's not a perfect company, but it is one that has hit its earnings target every quarter since inception 3 years ago. That's not an entirely bad start.

    OK. Go ahead. Flame me with your idiotic comments.

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