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  • notinomaha notinomaha Feb 25, 2002 2:05 AM Flag

    To all those misbelievers

    True TSAI is having a hard time, but who isn't. I don't expect any movements this year as the financial sector is struggling, but once they start to recover they will buy TSAI products. As for BASE24 being a dinosaur, how wrong you are, its still the premier product for middle to large banks most whom have invested a lot of money in the product, money that they will not just write off and dump. Also with EPSNET, a new venture sales into IBM sites can be made, where competitor products and companies are struggling. So to all the misbelievers, your right that TSAI will struggle this year, but so will the rest, the prospects for TSAI longterm are good as in the market they are strong and will weather this storm better than others.

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    • Thanks for the info.I�ll be keeping a close watch.Like you say in a year or so,they might be a sound investment.

    • Trintech are a company based in Dublin, focussing on E/M/T commerce, they also have a card management system. Biggest problem they have is cash burn and the fact that they have not yet broken even, even after many promises given. They don't have a payments engine but link into Base24 to authorise the transaction.
      Track record is unproven, even though they have reasonable products, however like TSAI they are feeling the pinch big time, but long term may be a good investment or maybe a takeover target at these levels. One to watch.

    • Looking for a bargain to buy.I think there has to be a good future for the e-payment sector once the market picks up.I don�t think there are too many companies doing this type of software.Came upon it by accident really.Upon investigation tsai was mentioned as a competitor.Trintech looks awfully cheap though.

    • Good question. Went to their web site. Looks like it could be interesting company to do some research on. Any particular reason for the question??? [my curiousity]

    • serious competitors to Tsai?

    • Sorry for the delay. The two other beta sites are Co-America and Bank of America. Both of them have found, what TSAI insider say, are "undocumented features"...that's using Microsoft parlance. I'm, sure the problems will be fixed, but it's not a very good way to begin a product roll out (especially for a product that's been under development for at least three years).

    • <<Let's argue about accounting some more, shall we? Sure is fun.>>

      Thanks for sharing a small portion of arcane accounting knowledge. This board and TSAI stockholders sure need some insider explanations for what has happened over the last five or six years.

      <<They (Pro-forma earnings) are simply the earnings adjusted for the amortization ... amortization charges were so well-founded and "real world" that, for financial years ending after 12-31-01, they are no longer a component of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.>>

      "Bad terminology is the enemy of good thinking. When companies or investment professionals use terms such as "EBITDA" and "pro forma," they want you to unthinkingly accept concepts that are dangerously flawed. (In golf, my score is frequently below par on a pro forma basis: I have firm plans to "restructure" my putting stroke and therefore only count the swings I take before reaching the green.)"
      Warren Buffet - 2001 report to shareholders

      Why do you think the Oracle considers pro forma to be "dangerously flawed"?

      Good Luck to all!
      You've just got to believe!

    • Sorry to disapoint, but I am not a TSA employee. I do however, know how the salary stucture there works.

      How can a bonus be justified when the company is spinning down the toilet bowl? Vipond and his cronies have no business sucking dollars after doing the terrible job they have done. Parr failed to do anything in Watford, so they make him head of the Americas. Mangold was the best thing they had going and Vipond showed him the door over the lunch hour one Friday.

      The company is mismanaged, PERIOD. To say any less is a lie. What would the bonuses be if they actually made money? Is the bonus schedule such that they are rewarded for PURE failure? It would appear so and I dare you to say otherwise. The company lost money and they bonused themselves and downsized further to fund their own pockets. Is that right? In your eyes yes, in the employees eyes, no. Does this matter to you? I doubt it.

    • ESP is something completely different. So, what are the other "beta" sites that you are referring to?

    • I have trust in my Lord and TSAI. This is a great company! The products are the best in the industry and the accounting is squeaky clean. Great earnings are just around the corner.


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      • Byt the way, you realy have to be naive to believe that TSAI's accounting has been "squeeky" clean. Firstly, their practice of front end loading contracts has just been struck down by the SEC as "undesireable" at best...illeagle under the new accounting rules. They are also going to take one hell of a hit from their stock case you haven't heard, Congress, the SEC and FED are all looking at changing the way companies disclose these stock options. Fish, Russel, et al, must be really releaved that they got out when they did. Now, I wonder if there is any ENRON attitude here....

        Finally, my sorry, hapless son, still audited by Anderson. Let the class action suites begin...short this puppy. Lets make some money!!!!

      • Hey insider2plus2,
        You're obviously an insider preaching from your sermon mount. Well, let me give you a little piece of "spiritual" advice: In god we may trust, but everbody else pays cash.
        Get the picture!!!!

      • Please let the rest of us know what you are basing your opinions on. The accounting has always been suspect with the pro forma nonsense and the company has historically kept investors in the dark with rarely putting out earnings warnings.

        I hope you are right in that profit will be coming soon but based of of the financials released by TSAI, I see nothing to tell me the company can stop it's downward cycle until it is either sold or markets a new product, rather than just enhancing what it already has.

        The customer base has proved loyal but just because a product is hard to replace once it is in does NOT make it impossible, just ask the ANZ of Australia and S2. It can and is being done. TSAI needs to realize customers are looking at other less expensive options and need to be cutting edge, not ctting room floor.

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