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  • invest_watcher invest_watcher Jan 2, 2010 11:06 AM Flag

    Isn't his time about up?

    In March, it will have been five years and the stock is basically where it is when he started. You can blame part of this on the previous team but it gets a little hard to swallow when it has been five years. Also, a pretty healthy amount of stock has been bought back by 'the smartest person in the world' and therefore if the stock is the same price, the market cap has to be less. Therefore, after five years, the company is worth less than it was when he started. Isn't it about time? If my calcs are right, the company has spent $150M in cash on the repurchase...any value to having done that? Also, it looks like outstanding shares including those repurchased has went from 38.1M to 34.0M; therefore, market cap on a same-same price of $17 would have went from $647m to $578m (and the $150M is also gone). Isn't it about time?

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