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  • ben.faraway ben.faraway Aug 16, 2011 10:47 PM Flag

    Interested Investor

    I'm interested in ACIW stock, but after reading recent news of involvement i'm thinking SONE stock might be a better buy. I've never worked with a company involved in a proxy against another company's merger. I see some strategy in this move, but it also seems like a very desperate attempt to thwart a potentially formidable competitor. Any one have views on this matter?

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    • I see severall problems with ACIW making a hostile takeover on SONE:

      1. When ACIW made their offer on SONE its Market Cap was 1.2B and SONE 540M.
      Now ACIW MC is 950M and SONE 540M - that a very large acquisition - very problematic.

      2. In the Proxy ACIW published, you can see that SONE refused to ACIW a few times in the past. they don't want to be acquired by them. making this kind of moves dows not tell good about the future.

      3. SONE Board of Directors unanimously rejected ACIW offer. if it goes through the SONE Board has to resign.

      4. ACIW financial condition is not good. It took a credit line for the CAsh part of the deal from Wells Fargo. In this kind of market maybe Wells Fargo can cancel this line and step back.

      5. there is big overlapping between SONE and ACIW. the Overlap between FNDT and SONE is very small. you can see it on the presentation SONE published a few days ago.


    • I posted the following in SONE Message board.
      "It seems that ACIW is afraid the merger between SONE and Fundtech because they will be much bigger than ACWI in the near future. The combined company might even be able to buy ACIW out in the future."

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