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  • denotch denotch Aug 7, 2001 5:46 PM Flag


    Gee, Howdy doody you sure are hard to convince!!! But I'll keep you updated nonetheless.

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    • Excellent suggestion - why don't you follow your advise and go use RagingBull msg board
      for your ob stock?

      All this continues to be is some penny-stock players attempting, oddly, to pump their stock up on someone else's board.

      On a TSAI-specific note, too bad to hear <nothing> from Larry. Sounds like paralysis at the top, once again. Sigh.

    • regarding merger:
      That is a reference in regards to Nestor merging with a 33% owned subsidiary. The parent and partially owned subsidiary makes no sense now that Nestor is dropping fraud to concentrate on traffic applications, so they are merging it back into a 100% subsidiary. Now investors in the subsidiary possess liquid shares and that will help with future financing if it should be required. And with the kind of growth we expect we should need some financing for initial installation projects.

      You can read at length on the Ragingbull message board for Nestor if you are interested in having some idea of what you are talking about.

      Nestor is finally focused on only its most lucrative area, financilly backed , and partnered correctly. The revenues should start hitting the books late next year. There will be no looking back.

    • This appears to my reading to be a minor issue. My reading was that the judge had concerns regarding a private company issuing tickets without the proper authorities reviewing anything or overseeing anything. Nestor's solution provides a video sequence that can be reviewed by the violator, the police or traffic control agency, and the judge. Unusual circumstances can be seen and the timing of the lights can be seen.

      I don't see how charging a fee per ticket for processing the ticket and the evidence for the ticket is fee splitting. It sounds more like the municipality contracting with an outside contractor the technical aspects of evidence collection and processing tickets. This work is only done for violations that are found so only those issued tickets earn revenue for Nestor, not the thousands of cars that obey the law. The work of determining violations will need to be done by the police or traffic control agency. If the contracts are written for a percentage of revenue, they will need to be changed to a certain number of dollars per ticket. That is a minor change that is easily implemented.

      The bad press given Lockheed over this has given Nestor a big boost. Once the meat of the decision is out all the adjustments will be quickly made and life will go on affected very little.

    • Nestor's rev model is now fixed fee in some cases, this is also being done with rail crossing guard. It actually helps Nestor get more secure income stream. The ruling linked a private firm handling the ticketing process and fee per ticket. I am not sure if it rules out a fee per if The police handle ticketing as is the case with Nestor. Nestor is not only fairer, it also has a safety feature and is more flexable and accurate. Best System, new market, EDS for Marketing, $14M in case, Stock depressed due to Nestor's switching directions, BB Status and no coverage or MSG board. Anyway, Only reason I am hyping it is it is the best deal we see at the moment. TSAI and DCTI are not.
      PS I have been posting on this board since message #5 and check in to see how TSAI is doing with PRISM
      Good Luck to all

    • << The Nestor solution looks elegant and nonbiased compared to them. >>

      How important is it for a technology solution to "look" elegant? I'm not even sure what that means.

      The decision written by the judge in California only focused on the revenue sharing model as unlawful. The evidence collected has never been questioned in the 300 cases the ruling involved. The issue is sharing fees or fines with a non-law enforcement agency which by law cannot be done in California.

      Are you suggesting Nestor does not utilize a revenue sharing model? If they do, a fifth of the American market went bye-bye yesterday.

    • One seconds are not just lacking credibility, but you have no clue as to what you are talking about. What #@!~^%$ merger are you talking about.

    • Howdy-dudey, you know nothing about Nestor.Regarding your points on message # 2524:
      1) Nestor has been on the NASDAQ BB for at least 5 years and is still around, and is now finally attracting some investment interest. I invested a great deal of my money here and have great confidence that I will do extremely well here. I got in at the right time. You can make good money here too but I am already doubled at these prices. I expect an eightfold increase from here in the next three years (about a double each year).
      2) If volume made money, holders of Sunbeam and Reliance would be millionaires and not bankrupt. I invest primarily in microcaps and have learned to play this game well. I find the playing field quite level as the professionals don't play here and I can beat up on the amateurs. It's easy to make doubles and triples when you buy at a dollar or less.
      3)The competition is now Lockheed Martin IMS who took the brunt of the California decision. The Nestor solution looks elegant and nonbiased compared to them. Almost every sale this year in California went Nestor's way. Revenues will hit the books starting late next year. NEST partnered with EDS who extended credit for installations. EDS will get a cut and is only too happy to push Nestor's product. The more successful Nestor is, the more succesful EDS will be in this field. Nestor has virtually left the fraud field.
      TSAI has lots of warrants to buy Nestor shares. They will make good money from this in the next few years unless they are stupid enough to sell them off for a pittance (and that is not beyond the realm of stupidity of TSAI's management). The only other connection between NEST and TSAI is that TSAI will pay licensing revenues to NEST each year, but this will be peanuts.

    • This one denotch, you really are on clode nine. There will be no merger!!!!!!! (as a hareholder)

    • Nestor seems very undervalued right now. A tiny company with 15% on Prism and Moneylaudering and Traffic lights are on fire. They have $20m in cash and EDS loves them Bit from front page story

      EDS and Nestor already have a number of contracts for the cameras. It is considered a $50 million market growing at about 30 percent annually.

      �Over the next 12 months, a lot of these installations will be going up,� Fortuna said.
      Nestor's stock will take off. Co meeting 12th Sept

      • 1 Reply to cybernautct
      • Oh goody, another Denotch clone. What you say may be fine for NESTOR, but it has nothing to do with TSAI. New software products with functionality people want will save TSAI. Traffic lights will not!!!!

        I don't begrudge your being happy with NESTOR, it's just that it has nothing to do with TSAI.

        Take your traffic lights, and Denotch, with you, start your own NESTOR board, and post to your hearts content. Don't post here on the TSAI board!!!

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