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  • howdy_dudey2001 howdy_dudey2001 Aug 14, 2001 4:30 PM Flag


    Oh goody, another Denotch clone. What you say may be fine for NESTOR, but it has nothing to do with TSAI. New software products with functionality people want will save TSAI. Traffic lights will not!!!!

    I don't begrudge your being happy with NESTOR, it's just that it has nothing to do with TSAI.

    Take your traffic lights, and Denotch, with you, start your own NESTOR board, and post to your hearts content. Don't post here on the TSAI board!!!

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    • Gotta agree that it is tiresome. How much pumping of (nestor) do these tyros need to do on this board?

      Oh, and a small detail. PRISM is not an ACI/NESTOR deal anymore...Retail Decisions stepped in those shoes(very small shoes for TSA). But even at peak this product made small difference to TSAI balance sheet. Just 2 small tyros care -(on the wrong board) somehow thinking their postings would make us ignore the OB status of their penny-stock and the negative income ratio. Perhaps to rescue their vunerable position?

      So let's pay attention to TSAI here. Er..if you can stand the depression. Goldman Sachs was not kind <sigh>. But I guess you have to have something to sell and someone to sell it to, 'dya think?

      Anyone got a guess as to what they have left in the cupboard anyone wants? There are an aweful lot of announcements of software released/bought/certified, but of course none of it is integrated and appears not to have a market.

      (So remember this is a financial software board, about corporate name TSAI. Nothing to do with $0.98 OB stocks concentrating on traffic signals and rookie investors. If you have problems telling the difference, TSAI is not an OB stock and has a slightly better P/E this month).


      My regards - the postings of late are much improved. Facts and opinions related to facts are so much better. Does Denotch enjoy working at Burger King?

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      • You seem very negative on NEST. I am very negative on TSAI. I think NEST has a great future and have placed my bets appropriately. There is no upside to TSAI and lots of risk. NEST has lots of upside and could hardly fall much lower. I like my odds with NEST better than your odds with TSAI. I do agree that NEST revenues will be slow to rise and the stock will therefor likely take almost a year to double from here, but TSAI is more likely to stagnate or lose value in that year. And I expect NEST to continue to outperform TSAI. My hope is that TSAI severs its ownership of NEST shares and dumps them on the market and depresses the NEST price so I can get them even more cheaply.

        I'm only in stocks for the money, and I'll be taking it to the bank long before you will.

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