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  • broker275 broker275 Aug 17, 1999 4:38 PM Flag

    A great IPO

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    • Actionnnnnnnnnnnnn directttttttt

    • ary problems ... " happen too many times to call
      it "temporary". Their Netaction problems had been
      occuring for many months. It's not a recent glitches. It
      stinks high heaven. Incompetent fools are running this
      on-line service to the ground.

      The problems
      happens again today. Time for Royal Bank to fix it is
      "never". Total BS service.

    • Boy are you right!!!!

    • Maybe the problems they're having at Action
      Direct has some relation to the layoffs that have been
      occuring and are still to come.

      Systems and
      Technology will be laying off staff on Wednesday. We were
      told to "have a good weekend!!"

      Right now the
      atmosphere is a closer to "where the hell am I going to be
      next week?", and not "let's go out there and make our
      customers happy".

      Staff members in many departments
      are disillusioned and confused. How can you have a
      company which made 1.8 Billion dollars last year lay off

      The dust has yet to settle.

    • Two words, GARBAGE BANK.

    • Their lousy Quotes system or tons of other
      problems appear when market seems to change direction so
      their brokers can buy all the stock they want or unload
      all the stocks long (hours) before their customers

      Even if you paid at the "ASK" price, We
      often can't get our stocks even the Yahoo chart confirm
      hundred of transactions being taken place at the "ASK"
      price for an hour or so. When you bump up another 5
      cents for a 1000 shares, that's another 50 dollars,
      upon 29 dollars fee, then you get it. Liquidity has
      nothing to do with it. It happen many times on large and
      mid cap stock and on a good volume day. Go figure.

    • AGAIN !!!

      99/10/14; Time 13:34.

      What's the hell happening to this service!
      Does it explain why RY continues to go down?

    • .. I try to use the service today (NetAction),
      and trying to get online quote, I got:

      "We are
      experiencing temporary problems. Please try again

      may be they should change the message to:

      are experiencing permanent problems. Please try
      another broker."


    • ..This week I received a publication from Action
      Direct explaining about online trading. It was the most
      stupid article I have ever read explaining why its
      customers are impatient with the service.

      about the service, the online quote is down all the
      time today (99/10/13).

      Wake up Action Direct.
      What kind of servers that you are using. Hire pro to
      do the job. You will loose the market and

    • are related to the use of the web to access
      Action Direct for buying and selling stocks:

      Access speed is extremely slow, I do not know what kind
      of servers that they are using.

      2. Is is
      down very often, you get too many sorry messages too

      3. Once the server is down, your orders
      waiting to be executed can be lost. I lost many
      opportunities to buy at the limit price. You get a rep called
      you at the end of the day, and they only say they are
      sorry because the server is down.

      4. Your orders
      are put into pending too long, I guess it was coffee
      time. In the past week, it improved a bit.

      You just sign in and start getting the quote, the
      message to get back is you has been inactive too long,
      and it asked you to sign in again !! It happens every
      day now!

      I can continue & continue. In
      summary, this is the worse commercial web site I ever use
      and I am preparing my papers to switch to TD. I
      believe I am not the only one.

      RY shareholders &
      action direct user.

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