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  • kydrby15 kydrby15 Aug 25, 2008 4:28 PM Flag

    Doesn't seem like FLEX is buying back shares

    the buyback and decrease in shares will just hide the shares they issue to themselves....Just beacuse everyone else is buying bACK shares, and its the thing to do these days doesmt mean its right...just look at all the financials and what the HERD mentality ended up with. Years a go, a client of mine was CEO of large company, and his take was if I cant find anything better to do with the cash, then I shd be fired. MOre old school. JBL in fact did NOT buy back any stock, rather CEO bot stock. Lastlt, FLEX isnt putting up great numbers at all....last qtr made .27 cents of which only .16 cents trickeld to bottom line....this qtr estimate is say .29, with maybe .20, that .36 cents for half year, annulaized its .72...or give them credit, maybe they NET .85...10PE is 8.50 stock..I mean, its cheap on non-gaap numbers, but ONE time charges and option expenses are eating all the profit....and make it fairly valued...for sure NOT CHEAP...and the street is SCREAMING that fact to u.

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