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  • dallas27yearguy dallas27yearguy May 28, 2006 2:45 PM Flag



    Did you hear of someone becoming a skilled carpenter in a month? Or a welder or an architect? And then you hear about people starting to trade the markets and they want to make money right away...everything takes time to learn, to master, and just as you pay for a carpentry course, you have to lose money in the beginning to learn how to trade the financial markets.

    To become a professional trader, where you can make a living off speculating in the markets, you have to learn. You have to train yourself, master the techniques-know everything there's to know about the markets-stocks, options, bonds, currencies, how they move together and how their markets are correlated.You have to take courses in Derivatives to understand options, have to learn to invest in Real Estate using the stock market (the vehicles are called Real Estate Investment Trusts, REITs, in our country), and a host of other things.

    You can find a great set of trading resources and courses at the official sites of Nasdaq, NYSE, CBOE, and the Futures Exchanges. Or you can go to one stop sites (a good one is , there are many others...) where you can find good market trading resources, courses, training materials, simulators, etc. on the Web.

    If you want to make money in the markets, you have to invest your time, energy and your brain cells. And that's how you come out ahead. Trust me, there's no way around that. And the market never ceases to change, and the education never stops...keep learning, and you will keep making money.

    Peace and Love, and all the best in your trading, whatever market you are choosing to trade...I want you to do well...sorry if it sounded like a rant. And email me if you need specific trading help.

    Mike Brunswill

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    • You win the prize for the best post this year unfortunately it will be ignored ,actually maybe fortunately, if everone did their homework it would be more difficult to make dough.

    • dallas said>>>>>> if you want to make money in the markets you have to invest time, enery, and your brain cells ... >>>>
      so that's what's going on!! finally see the light: am making more money in 2006 than ever before... but i swear i've lost a few brain cells.. the unlucky ones . . . LOL

    • Very well said. I am in my 40's and I have been trading and investing since my early 20's.

      Consider myself fortunate to have survived the dot com bust and the market correction between 2000 to 2002 and after 9/11 (so many traders/investors were wiped out). Indeed, one has to pay his/her dues in order to excel in the market.

      But.... foolish traders will aways be there since what you make in the stocks or options market is certainly someone else's loss or forgone profits.

      Afterall, it is a zero sum game.