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  • polishmissile1 polishmissile1 Feb 9, 2007 4:50 PM Flag

    God 101 looks great now.

    Someone please tell me how this stock moved up to 109? Were shorts just covering thier asses because of Cramer? Ohh and I was wondering about the post yesterday by the dude who said he would cut off one of his balls if the stock went below 95 and both if it goes over 200 this year. I hope he is in pain. 20k loss today on paper. 4000 @ 107.80 fully vested. I am such a stupid fuck.

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    • You bought on Cramer's recommendation and have been citing his price targets and earnings estimates ever since you got here, so why wouldn't you believe he saying a lot of the short interest is due to the NYX/ENXT arb play?

    • I own 300 shares at 71.XX in my Roth account and own 700 shares at 94.67 in my cash account. I'm holding long on both accounts.

      Thanks Goldman for your valuable inputs and opinions.

    • All the big boys are doing is putting panic out there so us "little people" will sell at all costs,then they will bottom feed!Cowards don't live in castles! Wait it out! You bought it for a reason.Huge shorts on this stock and they have to cover sometime.

    • Short position increased during that period form 22.6 million to 26 million. I've never seen anything like that. Goldman holds 7 million shares and someone in the company takes it off his buy list. "If there is no good news; say nothing at all" BUT!!!! Today there was good news to print. FIG's IPO "took Wall Street by Storm Friday!..." and NYX drops - go figure.

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      • Goldman may not be so stupid by cutting this off their buy list. With 7M shares they can 'short the box'. This is where they own the stock and then sell short against their shares. Essentially they borrow their own shares to sell short. By doing this they have locked in their profits when they put on the short position since if the stock goes down they make money on the short and lose on the long. By driving down a stock they think has upward potential, they make money on a short term drop in price and then by shares to cover their short position and then buy more shares at the lower price to add to their 7M share base position. Now the stock goes back to where they originally shorted against the box and they make profit on the new shares they bought at the lower price and when they are back to the original price they have made big money going down and big money going up.