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  • stluca68 stluca68 Feb 10, 2007 6:48 AM Flag

    [[[ Add Some FIG (Fortress Investment Group) into your diet on Monday! ]]]

    There�s rampant speculation on the Street that with over $27 billion in capitalization Fortress Investment Group this closely watched initial public offering could soon find itself on the S&P 500 by easily meeting the index�s size requirements.

    Also, a lot of powerful Dems (Democrats) are pushing this one, i.e. John Edwards for one�

    Talk is that it will more then double soon.

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    • I don�t care what Edwards says on the campaign trail, I only care about making $$$ and this thing seems like a sure thing right now.

    • Nope wrong again dummy. It was more like 10% gain. Also I see you forgot to mention the money I made off of shorting this pig. Oh well your dumbass wouldn't be able to understand about FIG because you have no idea what investing or trading either one is about. Later dumbass.

    • new_millenium_profits new_millenium_profits Feb 11, 2007 11:52 AM Flag

      Right now I am going to take a wait and see approach to FIG. A hedge fund is nothing more than an unregulated business that is in business to make investments. You are paying for the management and have very little control over their wages. Hedge funds have been notorious for losing money. Some make big money, but many lose lots of money or go bankrupt. If you want somebody to manage your money, give it to Morgan Stanley or Fidelity r some other. If you want to own a piece of an investment company buy Morgan Stanley or Fidelity or some other.

      In the case of FIG, the bulk of the IPO sales went to the principals. What are you going to do if somebody leaves for any reason. The principals here are the brain trust and you are buying a piece of them. They go away and you got nothing but the debt of the company.

    • Stluca69, i hope you did not buy FIG. I told you over there on the the ICE board that you can learn alot from a dummy. Thanks for all the knowledge YOU BIG DUMMY!

      You bought fig @ todays high now you are trying to hype it like an anal-list.

      The lesson i learn from you is to never by hype. Cuz the only way you can sell hype is buy more hype!

    • I bought 7k shares of FIG yesterday. I think it's a great way of diversifying my holdings. They actually invest in a lot of companies I have been wanting to invest in (like RAIL) and also they are diversified across bonds, interest rates, real estates and others strategies that I couldn't do.

      Just take a look at the potential for this company. MAN Group is another Hedge Fund traded on the London stock exchange. They have 60B dollars under their asset managment and they are trading at $1,150 USD/shr. FIG has 30B dollars under asset management and with its IPO yesterday (closed $31/shr), I expect them to grow that pass the 60B mark in several years. There will be a lot of smaller hedge funds who would want to join Fotress...consolidation among Hedge Funds will be the next wave. The 1st hedge fund IPO in the U.S. will be like the 1st Exchange out (CME)..3-4 years I think FIG will be even more dominant.