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  • new_millenium_profits new_millenium_profits Feb 23, 2007 10:54 AM Flag



    I agree that this is even allowed to stay on the list for 2 days let alone over 100!

    I wrote some letters complaining about this and asking for an explination. The NYSE Market Surveillance Division is looking into this now and claims they will give me some answers. It bothers me that the Fail to Deliver issues are suppose to be controlled by the SRO (Self Regulatory Organization) which is the NYSE. They are not even policing their own shares.

    I sent you an email about my experience with NFI which was has also been on the REG SHO list for many months. The difference between NFI and NYX is they are totally different business models. For NYX there should be no fundamental reason why this would be considered a short opportunity unless there is some underlying hidden information. That can happen...look at Enron, Worldcom, etc.

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    • I did my part- I wrote and complained to teh SEC on their web site. No answers thus far.

      I figured that teh naked short selling was coming from the arbitrage with Euronext. A short seller could naked short sell NYX, and then buy up Euronext, delivering those shares as a cover... ( I would welcome clarification on this )

      The offer to Euronext shares are in progress...and I thoguht that the pressure from short selling would also unwind with it....