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  • johnnee_scrotum johnnee_scrotum Jul 10, 2007 8:59 PM Flag

    Didn't the jews kill Jesus?

    I know that some Roman asshole condemed him, but why didn't the jews fight back and keep him from being cruscified?

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    • Is this some kind of anti-semitic insult to Wall street insiders? Why do you post on a financial board?

      Seeing as how we just got an upgrade and NYX is ready to
      bolt into the blue, I am feeling chipper this morning. Let me educate you re. the historical reality. We know Jesus existed as he was mentioned in the "Wars of the Jews" by the Roman military governor, Flavius Josephus (also Jewish). Jesus was descended from King David, the first and only Jewish royal dynasty. Previous foreign invasions over time had usurped this succession and installed their own kings and religious authorities in Jerusalem. The Romans were the "conquerors of the month" at Jesus birth. The rightful Davidic successor, Joseph and his son Jesus, were Essenes, ultra orthodox Jews, and lived a semi-monastic life in Kumran by the Dead Sea outside of Jerusalem for generations in a self imposed exile from the "imposters" in Jerusalem.

      Jesus lived at a time of rabid Jewish nationalism and as the rightful successor to King David, he became a focus for
      Jewish independence from Rome.
      Get ready now for the best part. Jesus was crucified but not physically killed in a ritual spiritual death rite meant to make him unfit for kingship. So due to a Jewish internecine srruggle to regain his family's rightful place, he was served up to the Romans by the imposter Jews who had been chosen to replace the Davidic line.

      A rather banal story repeated thousands of times throughout human history that somehow mutated into an explanation of why we exist. Go figure and Go NYX.

    • Jesus said, "No one takes my life, I give it willingly." He was born to die. He was the Ram promised to Abraham when Abraham was to kill Issac, but God stopped him. He was the prophesy fulfilled in Genesis when God said to Satan " You have bruised my heel, but I will crush your head." This argument over who killed Jesus is stupid. It shows a lack of knowledge of the whole purpose Jesus came, lived, died, and was resurected. To understand the Bible, you have to read it in a spiritual context. Everything is literally true, but the spiritual meaning is what God is trying to express to His people.

      If you are a Christian, your sin killed Jesus. If you are not a Christian, it doesn't matter. You are not His people. We are born dead and bound for hell. The fact that Jesus came to die for you is your only way to satisfy the Law of "reaping and sowing". If Jesus hadn't died on the cross for His people's sin, NOBODY GOES TO HEAVEN. The human race was seperated and dead to God from the Garden of Eden. The entire world was condemned from the begining.

      The Romans would not have crucified Him had the Jews not demanded His execution. But that doesn't make the Romans inocent or the Jews guilty. We are all guilty because we sin. People that only look for blame for the Jews or Romans are missing the point and are probably just looking for a reason to hate people. The point people should get is, if he died for your sins, you are saved. If you say He didn't die for your sins, then you are self rightious and you will face God with your sins and be judged and be damned. What you "do" on Earth is not as important as what you believe. No one is "good enough" to go to heaven. He knows people are sinners, that's why He had to die. There was no "Plan B".

      He has "His people" and he has "not His people". Pretty simple.

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      • This whole discussion is ridiculous. The only reason we even have this concept of "God" is because we don't know what happens when we die, and it's a good way to instill law, order, and morality in a society.Personally I believe when you die, you die. End of story. Christ was a man, just like you and me, nothing more. Krishna,Buddah, Mohammed, guess what, all men, same as any other man. When you think of how many people have died or been killed in the name of "God", regardless of the religion, how stupid is that?

    • Yes, and did us all a favor!!! They were a little late!!! If they got him a few years earlier it might have prevented a lot of misery and countless wars in human history!!!

    • The Italians did it.

    • First the story is a fairy tale, so the jews could have not done something to someone who historically never existed. Jesus story is a copy of many older mythos, read, get educated

    • so that you may have a chance to be saved. We all did our part in nailing him to the cross.