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  • madmanshooter madmanshooter Jul 22, 2007 9:25 PM Flag


    JMPolay, I think you have it backwards. My comment was directed towards Malek. Your note leaves me confused about where you are on this but let me help you understand that unlike most of the anti-racist posters who do nothing but satisfy Malek and his type by being offended I am actually doing something. I am an attorney and work with other volunteers to collect examples of hate speech and to identify the organizations that use the internet to advocated violent acts against minority groups. I take the liberty of spitting back some of the bile at these racists because, unfortunately, some of them are only sick individuals and never cross the line into being a real threat. It makes me feel better and motivated. On occasion, however, I have helped to identify posters affiliated with hate groups that are attempting to incite a "lone wolf" to engage in violent acts. A visit from the authorities ensues and has an amazing effect.

    On occasion civil suits have been instituted and subpoenas issued to obtain the names and addresses of otheriswe anonymous posters whose names are then added to lists of potential violent offenders and the lists are turned over the the authorities.

    If all this souinds like something you dislike, i.e. a chilling effect on free speech, take comfort in knowing that most of the posters have no apparent connection and simply have to be tolerated. Feel free to abuse them.

    If I did not understand your post, and you are a supporter of Malek, then ignore the above and go screw yourself. We'll be seeing you.