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  • balsamtower balsamtower Oct 28, 2008 1:20 PM Flag

    only 2.5 days to blowout earnings

    with volumes increasing across the world as all peoples rush to join the securitization of all goods so that wealth can be
    brought to bear anywhere and anytime, with record hordes of cash and now the us govt buying in ( will this help the social security funding morass afterall) this is just an ebb in the falcon's gyre of upward spiralling money flows. (yes we do want to have our seats when the music stops ) but the news of the passing of capitalism is premature not with2.5 billion screaming to get in from asia

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    • I didn't mean to sound like things will never get better, in time they will, but for the immediate future, perhaps the next 2 - 3 years, the outlook is bad.
      After this latest market debacle, it will be more difficult for retail and 401K investors to regain their confidence.
      It will also take quite a bit of time before "Merger Mondays" are back in vogue.

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      • yeah, pool. I think this is much less an earnings story and more of an outlook story. I'm hopeful that it will be less than a multi-year process than you. Things are obviously a terrible mess now but I'm thinking X-mas '09 might find your stocking fulla green. For the intrepid ones willing to draw a line in the sand.....and put up a scrap.