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  • stan91724 stan91724 Apr 6, 2010 4:20 PM Flag

    Duncan on CNBC right now...

    He says nyx will go to 100...You shorts are screwed...lmao

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    • Holding the grid , $36 before 1Q figures
      $42 this year ,$ 60 next year.
      NYX lift off.

    • Is that true? Duncan said $100!!!

      I just got back from a short vacation. NYX acting great.

      Obvious many are buying on rumor of blowout earnings on May 4.

      There is a news article on NYX expected to add more "triple-A" partners before it takes on CME Group in the 3rd quarter launch of treasury future contracts vs the CME. WOW

      For you long time holders you suffered a long ride down (but you did pocket a nice dividend while waiting) now you can sit back and enjoy the long ride up and up and up.

      Love the dividend but do not expect any increase in the near future just be happy the consider it important to keep it where it is (the current payout rate is well over what they would like) In the future when the profits get to over $3 a share then a possible div incraese.

      Til then the stock price should continue to jump assume conservatively 2.60-2.75 a share this year times a 15x multiple and you get to over 40-45 by year end (still a nice 3% div at that price level)

      Nice to see additional posts on this board

      Good Luck

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      • I was just making a joke nyx man...He was on cnbc & talking about the biz & I thought he came across very well...The shorts had a point at 90 100 on this stock but now they don't...I think the tide has changed & costs are under control...When we get above the old high of 31.93 then it's on to previous support in Sept 08 which will be resistance at 35 or so...Sure we could track with the mkt on down days but overall we go higher and I do expect that the div will be raised within one year...I may consider writing calls at 35 on part of my stock and only in between earnings...glta