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  • anthonyandj anthonyandj Mar 18, 2010 2:47 PM Flag


    Thats just what i think the way look out below.....

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    • 1.- I did not say SEC is investigating FUQI. I said it can.
      2.- I did say FUQI is under investigation and it is there are several class action suits that have started. GOOGLE it.
      3.- A class action suit does more for the shareholders than a SEC investigation.
      Even you should be able to understand the following.
      1.- The SEC is more powerful than the law firms investigating FUQI
      2.- If those law firms are investigating FUQI so can the SEC.
      3.- Since the SEC can investigate FUQI then my statement is true and your challenge nonsense.

    • Where is the news link showing SEC is investigating FUQI?

      If you are talking about some private law firm investigating FUQI, now you are changing the subject. You said SEC would investigate.

      And we ALL know how well those lawyers sueing companies will do well for shareholders. Usually lawyers get big fees and shareholders get the crumbs.

      Again, I challenge you. When will SEC start investigating FUQI???

    • 1.- FUQI IS under investigation
      2.- FUQI and it's management are facing several class action lawsuits.

    • The SEC doesn't have to do anything to FuQI, there are lawyers crawling out of the woodwork to do a class action suit on FUQI.

      They will get punished.


    • You know what ? It doesn't seem like there's any rhyme or reason behind what moves these Chinese companies. All I see is that when people start buying they chase the stock up and when it falls it falls hard. Hopefully they all eventually keep climbing higher. It would help if the companies kept investors a little more informed as to the progress that's being made instead of just shocking us on the day of earnings. It's like no one gives a flying ^%$$^& about the investors.

      • 1 Reply to mazzajohn
      • 1.- It is very expensive, time consuming and disruptive to gather and process all the data needed for a quarterly report. Not something that can be done on an ongoing basis.
        2.- Companies, inclusive of RINO, meet with analysts to keep them appraised of current financial status but an average investor does not have the time nor the expertise to do what an analyst does.
        3.- Because of SEC laws and regulations it is very risky for company officials to 'give their opinion' and the reason they stick to facts. Contracts, quarterly reports, etc,etc.
        4,- In honest companies the management is focused on improving the business paying little attention to stocks.
        5.- In dishonest companies,like ENRON, the management is focused on the stock paying little attention to the business.

    • An unbelievable moron.

      This happens on this board everytime the stock price drops -- idiots come out of the woodwook and make outrageous claims. Then, when the stock goes back up, there ensues an intelligent discussion (for the most part) about the challenges/issues facing the investment. What gives?

    • luckily for us longs your a moron...

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