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  • WINDYSTX WINDYSTX Sep 19, 2010 2:29 PM Flag

    Shorts, What is actually wrong ?

    Shorts, I challenge you to provide proof of accounting irregularities that you see. Saying cash does not exist can easily be refuted and proves that you are trying to scare people and I should be looking to increase my long position.

    There may be some questions that can be asked about the financials, what are they and why are they questions ?

    If you can not answer this question, you have no right to post and I will push yahoo to ban you for scam.

    I will support your short position if you can prove your statements.

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    • Suggestion to shorts:

      A little consistancy please? If you short a stock, keep your messages short too. Bat$hit crazy ramblings at great length have the same effect as bat$hit crazy in a concise, compact format. Think Twitter size. That should be easy. Most of the rest of your brain already does.

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      • Paradise:

        The shorts can't even attack a stock properly even if questions exist.

        This proves to me they real don't want to hurt the stock.

        Shorts, try reading the financials for once. You may find some real questions.

        I don't want to give you the ammo. You are just idiots. I believe the story about the company and the earnings will just grow.

        If the issues go away next earnings, I will tell you what they are.

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