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  • youarenotajedi youarenotajedi Nov 15, 2010 9:44 PM Flag

    Shorts act like this is risk free for them

    With all the jubiliation and over confidence from the shorts they are acting like there is no risk to be short here and some seem to act like this is guaranteed money.

    This could be a great contrarian signal that a rebound is coming soon.

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    • If they shorted at 16+ they are going to have to work really hard to lose any money yeah, it pretty much is risk free for them at this point. You can squeeze a short that's up a little bit but when they have $10 of profit in hand it's not going to happen.

    • After those earnings it was

    • Well look at that RINO is up even as the market plunges!

    • Hey, not a Jedi. Can't validate my past winners for you, but I did mention my current shorts to you yesterday. Looks like I'm a fake after all. :)

    • Besides once this RINO excitement is over, I probably won't be back. I don't like to be distracted with such useless bantor. I'm a chartist and that requires all my attention. I don't buy on recommendations and don't make them, but then again those disclosure buttons at the bottom of the posting are so much fun, aren't they?
      Stong Buy, Sell, Buy, Strong Sell, Hold, No comment.

    • Check my profile. I've been a Yahoo member since 2000. I just browsed and posted to this board since Nov 12th because I was long RINO and wanted to what the retail investor was feeling after the shock from MW report and see if selling my shares on Friday and buying PUTS was a good thing. It was and I've been completely entertained here since.
      Check my posts and you'll learn alot.

    • Hey guy. I'm not specifically calling you a moron. Wasn't my intent. And as far as avoiding your points. I'm pretty sure I addressed them with my pathetic sarcasm. Just the same, sorry for being rude to you if you took it personally, but I've been responding to pathetic pumpers all day long who choose to ignore the serious predicament and technical pressure this stock is undergoing. I've seen contrarian plays numerous times and it's not my style. I've made my gains by studying and gauging market sentiment in the charts. And right now this one is off the chart. Now I don't bat a 1000. No one ever does in this game, but I do well enough that I don't have to work a 9 - 5
      You're absolutely right. NO stock goes down or up in a perfectly straight line. I'm counting on that. I thought this would bounce today, but didn't expect an early report to further exasperate the sentiment. Not sure what will lift this, but I doubt the delayed conference call will help, especially when management has already stated they will not be taking questions.
      Anyways. Don't worry about my short position. I'm not and I'm sure most of the shorts aren't either. From what I've been reading on this board, nobody has been able to find shares to short since $11.00

    • Nope, I missed Enron and World Com, but I did get a piece of AIG and BAC on the way down back in 2008. In May I shorted BP @ 50 covered @ 27, DIA @ 112 and covered at 98. I'm currently short LVS, SLW and JASO. Oh and of course RINO
      You wanna know how it turns out?

    • A lot of squawk-------how many of you will be buying in am???

    • Just so I can understand the contrarian view, could you please postulate a plausible catalyst that would justify short covering.

      Thank you.

      • 1 Reply to warrlock2001
      • Your question provides the answer. You as a short see no downside, no risk here and that is the contrarian thesis here.

        When longs or shorts are over confident it can prove to be a meaningful top or bottom.

        Just as this was manipulated down, it only take on hedge fund to decide to buy in order to create a massive squeeze with over 40% of the shares short.

        Options expiration could also cause the stock to spike on Friday.

        News confirming the customer base could as well.

        This stock is way oversold, few stocks go down in a straight line.

        Remember that people thought the same way you think now that NOTHING could be a possible upward catalyst for CHBT when it was dropping hard from the same type of fraud report and yet it nearly doubled from the lows within weeks.

        What you should be asking is what is a possible catalyst to take this stock down even more? After all the shorts have already widely distributed the view that thids company is a fraud or a scam, the stock has been downgraded, the company lowered it's outlook, etc so there is not much left in terms of bad news that could possibly take it down signifciantly from here. Just about every card has been played here by shorts.

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