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    • Why do you have to be such a jerk? I would like
      to know seriously.

      It is irrelevant whether
      or not you think book matters. To some people it
      does matter and they are able to use that particular
      data and make money from it depending on what the
      stock price is and how accurate the book figure

      Further, I meant the true value of a company in reference
      to the book value. I want to know how accurate the
      figure of $12.25 is in reality in stating the true value
      as it pertains to book. There are obviously many
      other factors which can determine the value of a

      Two examples of what can throw book off. Company X
      has a lot of 3 year old computer equipment listed at
      about 80% of what they paid for it. In reality they
      could only sell the equipment for 10-20 cents on the
      dollar because it is outdated. This causes book to be
      Company Y has building and land that over the years has
      been fully depreciated. On the books the entry for
      this may very well be $0. Here, the book would
      obviously be understated.

      There are many methods
      which one can use to make money in the markets. It
      largely depends on the individual, what that person feels
      comfortable with.

      Technical analysis is a very broad
      subject. For anyone to define it, or determine it's value
      with one broad stroke of the brush is a

      I would most strongly suggest to you past data is
      not nonsense for one basic reason. Past data is
      history, and history repeats itself. That last sentence is
      not an opinion, but is a fact. One can do with that
      what they please. But to just take it and throw it
      out, or bash it for whatever reason does not make
      sense to this individual.

      From your past posts
      you've said you make your own model. A subjective model
      I might add. You also are apparantly working with a
      neural fuzzy machine. I would suggest to you that to
      some people that may sound a bit strange.

      Personally, I don't care what you use if it helps you to make
      money in the market. I would also venture to say
      whatever you use is not perfect. You make mistakes. The
      key is to learn from your mistakes. I make at least
      one mistake a year myself, well maybe two. I learn
      from my mistakes as well.

      When I make a
      mistake I don't throw my hands up in the air and throw
      out all the technical analysis that I use. Rather, I
      figure out what I did wrong and do my best to improve,
      and improve, and improve. I would think you do the
      same thing.

      When you make a mistake I don't
      think you throw your model or machine out the
      window(although sometimes you may feel like it). Rather you do
      your best to improve upon whatever it was you did
      wrong. I would also suggest to you that process will
      never end because neither you, myself, or any other
      human being on this planet will ever be perfect.

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