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  • yahoo yahoo May 13, 2005 1:36 PM Flag

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    • I already answered that question--you are obviously in denial--

    • So, if you're not a stockholder and have no
      vested interest in the future of LPX, why are you
      spending so much time on this board? Are you trying to
      vindicate yourself? What are you accomplishing? What truth
      won't I face relative to my investment?

    • I have answered you many times--I said I was
      lucky and got out at 25!!!!!! Before it went in the
      tank!!!!! Why is the truth hard to explain??? I have been
      truthful from the beginning--you just don't want to face

    • Have you ever run a company? People who operate
      companies understand that they are a team of problem
      solvers. Anyone on that team understands that they must
      contribute or go. There's nothing democratic about it. They
      have the constitutional right to free speech and they
      can excersise it all they want, but if they do not
      contribute to the solution, they eventually lose their
      opportunity in that forum to excersise their free speech
      because they won't be there!

      Now, how does this
      apply to you and any other stockholder on this board?
      You think freedom is to say and do whatever I want
      when I want. This has never been the definintion of
      freedom. It is far closer to slavery than freedom. You are
      free to step off a 10 story building if you want, but
      as soon as you do you become a slave to the law of
      gravity and you will hit the pavement. Your choices and
      freedom as you see it are gone at that

      Think with me on this! No one can stop you from saying
      what you want on this board. But by spewing a constant
      flow of poison, bitterness, and sorrow about the past
      which may actually have little to do with the future,
      you may actually be contributing to the decline in
      this stock. How does this help you if you are a
      stockholder??? Does it really vindicate those who have been hurt
      by LPX, expecially if they still hold the

      It takes no character, talent, or skill to sit from
      a distance and shoot at those who lead and are
      working to operate and solve problems. Anyone can
      critisize, it takes character and guts to turn things
      around! So, where are you guys, if you are stockholders,
      and where do we go from here. Most of us here would
      like to move forward. Are you going to join the team
      and become a part of the solution, or will you
      continue to exercise your freedom to serve your own
      vindictive purposes?

    • Telling someone to leave the board and/or to be
      quiet(in kind terms) has nothing to do with the freedom of
      speech?. I would respectfully disagree. Every other
      sentence regarding myself was factually inaccurate as
      well.By me not mentioning it, that does not imply I think
      your comments towards jducky60_2000 were either
      accurate or inaccurate. I just did not comment.

    • You won't be persuaded or reasoned with, so, be
      happy in your misery. Thanks tubo for another lecture
      on the right to free speech as if that had anything
      to do with our discussion. LPX is a great
      investment, you haven't refuted this, only barked about how
      poorly you've been treated. Ducky, you never did answer
      my question, do you own stock in LPX? I guess the
      TRUTH just might be kind of hard to explain. Anyway,
      good luck to you both, I hope you find some meaning
      and purpose in life.

    • you will probably be correct.lpx is not strong in
      pulp/paper and that is the segment of the industry that
      seems to have the most upside potential impo.i will
      have both ends of the stick as i already own lpx.both
      ends of stick does not mean i will come out on
      top.keep in touch.

    • I like LPX the most out of this group not because
      the stock will necessarily go up the most, either in
      dollar or percentage terms but because the downside risk
      is limited in my view. They also go x-dividend next
      week I believe. The quarterly dividend is a little
      over an eighth of a point

    • have decided to begin purchasing stock in
      pulp/paper stocks tomorrow.hope i am within 10% of the
      bottom.stocks had a strong rebound today off their daily
      lows.luck to strings on your comments to me.

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