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  • I just wanted everyone to know what the real
    consequences of the action taken against myself are likely to
    be. I say this not out of anger or hostility towards

    Throughout American history there have been abuses of the
    freedom of speech. Some of the abuses have been
    worthwhile and others have not. The point being, when an
    abuse of the freedom of speech occurs(with few
    exceptions, such as crying fire in a crowded theater) no one
    really knows at the time whether that abuse was
    worthwhile or not.

    In the history of this country the
    response to the above scenario has been consistent.
    Paraphrased, it is far better to tolerate the inconvenience of
    an abuse of freedom of speech rather than to stifle
    speech because the consequences of stifling, or
    censoring speech is far more dangerous and disasterous than
    the inconvenience of the act of abusing the freedom
    of speech itself.

    For that very reason,
    several months ago when I was viciously and consistently
    personally attacked by one individual(those of you who were
    here know what I'm talking about)I chose not to
    complain to Yahoo about it. I find it ironic that I get an
    e-mail from the Yahoo sheriff because it is inconvenient
    for some to have to push a button to go to the next
    post when they see my name as the author. Is not the
    freedom of speech worth far more, to put it mildly, than
    that relatively minor inconvenience? I think it

    The television, motion pictures, and the internet as
    well are full of cursing, and pornography, to give
    just two examples. We are told to accept this, and be
    tolerant because of the freedom of speech. We are also
    told to ignore the impact this has on our youth,
    whatever age they may be. Compare this to the action taken
    against myself.

    Yes this board is supposed to be
    primarily about LPX. However, if one focusses solely on
    LPX, sight of the broader picture is lost. The point
    is LPX does not exist in a vacuum by itself.

    As far as the real probable and logical consequences
    of what will occur because of the actions taken
    against myself.

    The freedom of speech has been
    trampled on, and for what? The inconvenience to some of
    having to press a couple more computer

    The freedom of thought has clearly been invaded. In a
    nutshell, what am I referring to? People in the future will
    have ideas to express on this board not relating
    directly to LPX. (Even the ideas expressed directly about
    LPX will sometimes be affected because the freedom of
    thought has been tampered with) One of two things are
    likely to occur. Either the idea being expressed will be
    cut short, or the idea will not be expressed at all.
    Either way the result is disasterous because those ideas
    will never be clearly seen, if seen at all. Maybe only
    one idea out of many would be worthwhile to some. Is
    it not worth it to have to go through many ideas to
    find one really worthwhile idea? The answer is yes,
    because if one does not go through many ideas, the
    chances of finding a good idea are far less likely. The
    result of the action taken is that there will be less
    ideas expressed on this board. It is not hard to figure
    out what that means.

    There are so called
    "thinkers" and "philosophers" out there. From people such as
    these, you and I gain valuable insight because we are
    forced to use our brains more and consider scenarios we
    on our own would have never thought of. That causes
    all of us to think better, to communicate better, and
    to improve our own ideas, to name a few. This not
    only relates to making money in the financial markets,
    but to all the other parts of our lives as

    When the freedom of speech is put on the back burner,
    instead of the front burner where it should be, the ideas
    in the above paragraph are less likely to be
    expressed. That hurts everyone, whether we know it or not.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Sorry to hear that. I thought it took a lot of
      guts to short a market leader like MSFT near a new
      high. Much rather be buying MSFT at these levels than
      selling. I'd probably use '02 in-the-money LEAPS, though
      my guess is there's no rush.

    • This one shows up well on the 5 and 15 minute
      charts. The a wave ended the last few minutes of Thursday
      trading. The b,c,and d waves ended about 10:30, 12:30, and
      3:30 today eastern time respectively.

      The stock
      should bottom around 11 1/4 on Tuesday or possibly
      Wednesday assuming the final wave up of this triangle ends
      Tuesday morning.

      Whatever form the rally from
      there takes, the rally should not carry that far,(12-14
      most likely, but need to see how the rally unfolds)
      and thereafter there should be a another decline
      below Tuesday's low. That is what the probability says
      anyway. As always, I could be wrong.

    • I had pgex on the hourly chart being in a 5th
      wave. It worked out, but that is not a good way to
      trade. For about one half hour on that trade it looked
      like the loaded chamber.

      Looking to buy LPX
      again below 11 1/2 today. the ideal low I have at 11
      1/8, I don't think it will make it there but you never
      know. If I don't get it, no big deal.

      Elliott Wave on the daily, weekly, and monthly is calling
      for a turn on BS. The monthly, in particular, should
      be near the end of a fairly large c wave. I see the
      downside as limited from here. I bought some at 4 3/16,
      and some today at 3 11/16.

    • Timothy Ghriskey of Dreyfus Large Company Value Fu, spoke with on his exclusive stock picks.
      LPX down 9%

    • at 102 as MSFT pulled back to 112 for the final
      plunge into the abyss. I am presently about 45000 in the
      hole with MSFT. I am looking for MSFT to hold at 59
      which is the same percentage beating that MSFT took in
      '87. Mrs. Market and my own bad trading are not a
      pretty sight.

    • Trades like PGEX are like Russian Roulette; you keep playing until you get the loaded chamber.

    • did you ever close your MSFT short? I believe you set it around 105, which would be a good profit if held.

    • holding overnight BS, MSFT, T, and in the not to
      distant future, hoefully the golds. LPX should have a
      short term rally coming soon, but how far it will carry
      is another question. I am looking to buy it today,
      but sell it fairly quickly.

      My hands feel like
      their holding hot coals to initiate new positions in
      here and hold them generally speaking. Maybe, that is
      a sign of a decent bottom coming in some of the
      markets, but I am not going to count on

      Yesterday morning I bought PGEX at 3 5/8, watched it drop
      to 3 1/4 and bought more, watched it drop to 2 9/16
      and bought more, and watched it drop to 2 1/8 before
      it turned. I put in a day order to sell it at 3 9/16
      and got filled 2 1/2 minutes before the close. It may
      have made a good bottomin here but I am not going to
      chance it with that stock anyway.

    • looks horrible for some of the reasons you said.
      In this market overall I am changing my strategy to
      one of very short term trading. Would rather not do
      it that way, but I am concerned about even holding
      positions overnight. There are always exceptions to that

    • teeny (again). I can't help but to worry about
      the downside confirmation throughout the forest
      products. Look at WY for more downside gaps and W and WLL
      are falling like a stone. The gap down for LPX sets
      up strong resistance if and when a reversal is
      attempted. The forest products do seem to be oversold, but
      attempting to grab a quick pop looks very dangerous because
      nither an entry nor exit point can be clearly
      identified. Short, sharp one day wonders are impossible to
      harvest (for me).

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