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  • bobrinos bobrinos Feb 17, 2000 4:31 PM Flag


    Don't you run elliot wave? How's it looking for LPX and maybe some of the major indices?


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    • Since you referred to the messages on this board
      as healthy and euphoric, perhaps we can ask Tubo if
      he can copy/paste a few waves into some music
      software and generate a little slow jazz to make our
      reading more relaxing. Maybe a zig zag or two will be a
      fitting transition to the grand finale. To the tune of
      "Up, Up and Away" of course.

      The above isn't
      meant to be bully, it's sleepy boredom

    • We have an excellent board here. All the
      personalities are relatively sane. We have a great diversity of
      experience and opinions and they are presented in a healthy
      and sometimes euphoric way. [what is euphoric about
      Anyway we seem to be absent the perrenial board
      psychopath who sets themselves up as the gatekeeper and
      filter or censor of all posts. We don`t need or want
      BOARD BULLIES who make posting a bad experience. KEEP

    • That's not what I heard....

    • Ah yes, and who is to decide whether a post has
      any meaning or not?

      When Columbus first said
      the earth was round did that have any meaning at the
      time to the vast majority of people? Should he have
      been censored? Using your philosophy it might have
      been hundreds of years before we knew better. People,
      for a much longer time would have looked at the
      horizon where the ocean appears to meet the sky and said,
      watch out, that's where you fall off.

      I might
      add suggesting a post does not have any meaning is
      far different from saying to leave the

      BTW, have you been studying candlesticks? You seem to
      be talking about hammers.

    • However, if you dare imply that someone's post
      might not be worth the electronic blips it took to
      create, you will get a lecture from tubo55 on the freedom
      of speech. It could be said that the highest ideal
      of this board is to say whatever you want to say,
      whether it has any meaning or not.

      In my humble,
      freedom of speech opinion, you hit the nail on the head.

    • This message board is not dedicated to technical waves and charts as you put it, and no one should refrain from making either fundamental or technical comments.

    • I also agree with an earlier post that suggests
      we should all buy low and sell high.

      since this message board seems dedicated to technical
      waves and charts, we should refrain from logical
      fundamental comments such as yours. Let me just suggest that
      there are now two indians in a canoe beginning to exit
      the right side of a significant 4 part waterfall. Now
      that my charts are starting to show the eyes of a lone
      coyote in the front 1/3rd of the canoe,and the floating
      racoon is only a short distance to land, I'm convinced
      LPX is a BUY ! My only concern is an uncanny likeness
      of Greenspam on a nearby rock.

      Good luck :)
      My goodness, I think I just heard a bullish Yip Yip
      on my speakers. Hurry! BUY! BUY! BUY!

    • on stocks that are dependant on on housing starts
      i work on the feds policy.if interest rates go up
      housing starts go down.lpx,bank stocks,construction
      stocks will decline.the decline in these stocks is a fed
      policy designed to slow growth.these stocks will recover
      when interest rates top out and start down.i may be in
      to early but it will be to late to get in once rates
      start to drop.the drop in these stocks and their
      recovery has been repeated many times.hoping for one more
      time. long on lpx.

    • As I posted earlier, wave theory does not work.
      Quantum theory always works. I think you are using a
      variation of quantum theory. Good luck.

      We will win
      and time will lift us to 15 to 20 range.


    • Well I don't like it, but I'd rather get a little
      sawdust in my eyes than have the tree fall on

      It still looks like LPX is not off to the races from
      here. But, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I'm not going to
      worry about it.

      The way the pattern was on the
      initial move from 11 1/2 to 12 9/16 on the hourly it was
      not high probability for the rally to go very far. It
      still looks that way. If I missed a good move, then I
      missed a good move. Most of the time doing what I'm
      doing keeps me out of trouble.

      Although There
      isn't enough there on the chart yet to say how the
      downleg is going to continue(if it is)10 1/2-11 at this
      point looks like a good target to me. That would be a
      double zig-zag pattern to fulfill that target. One
      zig-zag has been completed in my view, and this rally
      looks like a corrective rally of the first zig-zag. The
      next part of the pattern to the downside(if there is
      one)mostlikely would be another zig-zag, a flat, or a triangle.
      This rally could go into the low to mid thirteen's and
      then head down, if it is going to head down. The way
      the initial rally looked I decided not to stay in.

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