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  • bettyjhb bettyjhb May 17, 2000 8:24 PM Flag

    $25 in 3 months

    ne is around when you come back.

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    • I don't have a clue what t-bills have returned
      this year but the few investments that I have are up
      26% so far this year. I'm not looking for a fast
      buck, and have mulled over LPX and GP to add to my
      portfolio for at least 4 months and cannot seem to find a
      good reason to buy. And if you ever have the reason to
      go to the GP board, they have the three stooges
      posting every 15 minutes why it is a steal, can't go
      lower, a can't miss. But with interest rates where they
      are and lumber prices in the ditch, I will keek

    • Was your reply on or off topic? Guess it was
      supposed to be ON given that you did not put your
      trademark OT in the subject line.

      I am not the least
      bit ashamed of any of my attempts to get you on topic
      and curb your off-topic mutterings. I know I have
      failed miserably for the reasons I have mentioned before
      about your need for attention and your expectation that
      this is a good place to get it.

      Happy to have
      procided you with more. Hope it helps whatever portion of
      your psyche needs it.


    • After telling falsehood after falsehood, you
      simply continue telling falsehood after

      People who have credibility do not continue time after
      time to make false assumptions as you have done. They
      realize and admit they made a mistake, (sometimes they
      even apologize) and stop the falsehoods.

      I am
      not going to waste my time responding to this any
      further other than the following.

      I did not own
      the stock at 15, I tried to short it and missed the
      fill by one tick. I did not bother with it again until
      recently, where I have been in and out twice buying under
      twelve and then selling at a profit both times because I
      think the stock has not bottomed yet. If I am wrong,
      then I am wrong.

      Your post is littered with
      other falsehoods as well.

      To use your word, as
      far as "judging" you is concerned I leave that to
      each individual to figure it out.

    • Tubo has always been friction causing
      inefficiency on this board. 90% of his posts are off-topic
      (sometimes just musings to himself for crying out loud). I
      had hoped we could just ignore him from now on, but
      he is too prevalent and incites too many people to
      allow that to happen I guess. For all his claims of
      consideration, he has stopped even putting OT in his topics.
      Therefore, I must conclude he thinks anything he has to say
      is on-topic. Lord knows, he can stretch the bounds
      of things to think to say.

      If you want to
      judge him and his posts for what they are, then ask
      yourself why, with all of his "technical" indicators that
      he puts forth as "lessons" for us under educated
      investors did he not sell at $15 and instead now sold at
      under $12.

      Hopefully, now that he has sold, we
      can be rid of him for awhile and get back to actually
      talking about LPX.

      Good luck,


    • at risk has kept up with t-bills this year you are outperforming. And if that is the case, tell me what you are had a few too many of, and I will have the same!


    • Nobody makes money every week on investments, but
      when I start giving advice, and before I put my money
      down, I try to know the industry ( I work in his one).
      I don't have to go to the WY board to ask what pulp
      is, or how it is sold. If you stayed with a product
      that you had some knowledge of and stayed away from
      those that you have no knowledge of maybe you could
      make money "most" weeks in this market. Sincerely
      yours, the next "warren buffett".

    • yes I make money every week, but punching that
      time clock is getting old. As far as making money in
      the stock market every week, well maybe I had a
      couple too many when I said that, but I've been doing
      pretty good. I own stock in just a few companies
      outright, and they're doing great and the funds I'm in are
      doing OK. I don't own stock in LP or GP but have been
      looking at both for a while and waiting for that great
      "wave" to jump on and ride to the shore.

    • week???? Are you sure? Your mark to market total
      account equity increased EVERY week? For how long? Not
      one losing week? That performance puts Warren Buffett
      and Peter Lynch to shame! It also defies credulity.

    • I just looked at the monthly chart of LPX going
      back to 1973 when the stock began trading. I saw
      something I had not seen before.

      For an investor it
      could be paradise, but for a trader it is a
      nightmare(slight exaggeration)

      In a nutshell the stock
      could be on the verge of 2-3 year rally at least. The
      stock under this interpretation of Elliott would carry
      back to at least the 20's and possibly to new all time

      Under Elliott a bull market move advances in 5 waves
      and the 4th wave(a corrective wave down) does not go
      below the top of the first wave the vast majority of
      the time. the 2nd wave is also a corrective wave

      The first wave under this count peaked in 1983 at
      $10.809. LPX would now be completing the 4th wave, which
      would have begun in 1994, and so far the low is 10.812.
      LPX does have the tendency where the fourth wave, on
      short term charts as well, comes right down to the top
      of the first wave. Whereas other stocks will have
      the tendency to stay well above the top of the first
      wave in their 4th wave corrections.

      For a short
      term trader, the short term charts are very iffy at
      this point. Many short term traders are probably out
      of the stock right now because the risk level on a
      short term basis has not cleared up. Short term
      outlooks do and can change rapidly. That is the nature of
      short term trading. From my perspective, hopefully the
      short term charts will soon say the risk level is
      cleared up, before the stock vaults out of here.
      Otherwise I may very well miss the move out of here,
      assuming there is one.

      Back to the subject line of
      the post. An investor may very well buy some LPX at
      this point, and leave some capital aside, so if the
      stock does drop some more they can buy some more. The
      worst case scenario I see for the stock is 7. I don't
      think it will go that low, but none the less it is a
      possibility under Elliott even if the probability of that
      occurring is low.

      Also an investor does not mind
      holding the stock for a few months if not longer if
      things do not pan out well right away whereas the short
      term trader does mind.

      Some might say, why
      don't you just buy some right now and take a chance.
      That may very well be the right thing to do in this
      case, except Wall Street is littered with those who
      have bought exactly in that manner and have watched
      their stock go down dramatically.

      One must have
      a plan that works and have the discipline to stick
      with it, whatever the components of the plan may

      For myself, the plan I use works, but in this case
      having the discipline to stick with it may cause me to
      miss a nice move in LPX. If that happens, there will
      be plenty of other opportunities. But hopefully, and
      with God's help I will not miss the move in

      Should be an interesting week coming up.

    • He does seem intelligent and opinionated and I
      too probably wouldn't visit this board if it weren't
      for the spirited discussuions. But think about it if
      there were some reliable pattern to a stocks price it
      could easily be mapped on a computer program and sold
      for for a kings ransom, because even the stock
      brokers I deal with are using educated guesses and
      sweetheart deals to steer investors into a certain stock. My
      point is an intelligent individuual wouldn't need these
      "self help" gimmicks to make money in the stock market.
      I'm making money every week and use only my simple
      understanding of the markets and which sectors should prosper
      and which shouldn't. I predicted the Nasdaq meltdown
      was coming and stayed away from it not for
      valuations, but esculating valuations (stock prices never go
      straight up indefinitely), and they didn't, and you don't
      need to be a rocket scientist or have an instruction
      book to know that.

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