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  • one1badbilly one1badbilly May 9, 2013 9:13 PM Flag

    US Moguls and Hedge Managers Eat Young

    May 9, 2013

    New York NY

    Dear Mr. XXXXXXXX

    You may have had your fill of Wall Street corruption and fraud stories but let me tell you there is yet another unbelievably brazen story of Wall Street moguls and hedge funds’ fraud and greed in the works. The story involves some of the biggest names on the street such as Carl Icahn, Seth Klarman, Blackrock, and others. A company named Enzon Pharmaceuticals (ENZN) which was just a few years ago a rising star in the pharmaceutical industry (see attached) is now today in the throes of being dismembered by the mighty of Wall Street. In the process not only are small and middle sized shareholders being swindled in broad daylight, as the company’s IP worth easily over $100m+ is being stripped and sold off to a two month old holding company for $800,000. But evidence strongly suggests that the company’s extensive IP patent holdings and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX are headed for Hisun Pharmaceuticals ownership in the near future.

    This story is one of a brazen broad daylight IP swindle once reserved for companies sunken to the OTC market, now taking place on the NASDAQ, and a story of US innovation and patents being stolen by America’s mighty and sold off to China in a period when China’s patent filings are surpassing the US. A story of titanic, unquenchable, greed and signals an end of American investment in its own prosperity and a harbinger of things to come, if nothing is done.

    I am a small investor in Enzon with a modest amount of money involved, but have been witnessing and digging at this story as much out of amazement as economic interest. I am hold a XXXXXX, was formerly a vice president at XXXXXXX, and am now a XXXXXXXXX. If you google XXXXXXXXX, all the necessary who I am info will come up.

    If you would like to lean more please contact me by return email or at XXXXXXXX.

    I appreciate your efforts and great work and hope to hear back, best regards,


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    • Good job Billy. I am thinking of making a list of the emails of the journalists with WSJ, Forbes and Fortune. Forbes recently did an article on Carl Icahn. Do you think that providing facts to them and let them do the digging(like finding out who is behind Belrose) is a better way? Hopefully the name Carl Icahn would get their attention and get them motivated (curiosity,and incentives like headlines and promotion).

    • Nice job one1badbilly. Who will you send this to?

      What I still have problems with is how they managed to sell IP at this ridiculous price when there are some

      major players like Michael price,Jean Simmons,Charles Brandes holding Millions of shares,not to mention Blackrock and the original insiders like Del Campo .

      What your take on tthat???

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      • This has already been sent to a major media player. I don't want to tip the crooks on where to point their defenses. If I don't get a responce in 24-48 hrs I will shoot a similiar verion to another. As to the others you've mentioned, if this gets a serious look at they and thier roles, will be scrutinized. I have some contact efforts underway, I don't want to disclose the details of that effort but some of the poeple you've mentioned are on that list.

        At this point I would encourage others to raise the noise level, contact national and local media, class action law firms (e.g. Milbery LLP, top of the heap I'm told), the state of Delaware legislators, local congressional representatives, etc., all the efforts will add up to a news story if enough noise is created and interest generated. We need to get some one who will ask, what the hell is this all about, enough eyeballs will click or watch if I (my outlet) finds out. Make some small effort now!

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