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  • one1badbilly one1badbilly May 20, 2013 10:47 AM Flag

    EZN-2208 passes a P1 trial, apparently with flying colors

    Why didn't management announce this

    Search. "Weekly EZN-2208" "solid rumors" abstractsonline

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    • pj, let me help you out a bit with order of magnitude $$$. The P1 trial referred to in this topic thread was undertaken to see if EZN-2208 would be effective and well tolerated towards improving bevacizumab's (Avastin) performance, by lowering the production of HIF-1a which bevacizumab contributes to the over production of, lowering its effectivenss. It's early, but pirma facie it does this, Dr. Kummar put it out there.

      Avastin (Genentech/Roche) is a drug approved for multiple cancer indications (suggest looking it up), but it could use some help, especially for breast cancer, which it lost it's approval for in the US in 2011. Nevertheless, Avastin in 2011 had sales of $2.66 billion. Were EZN-2208 to beoome a co-treatment in a regimen along side Avastin, what do you think that might be worth?

      I don't know about you, but I think mgmt purposely rushed the IP sale, there's can't be any disputing this imo. Surely you'd wait for the official NCI P1 report, it can only increase value, and frankly by 10-100x imo, $700k is so paltry bad news would be equivalent to no news! So why the rush!!!!!!!!!!!!

      imo we are dealing with thugs, just like the warlords in Somalia, ws is the cyber equivalent of Somalia, anything goes if you've got the muscle

    • How on earth did you find this? Never mind, next topic.

      While I have no idea the economic (profit) significance of this, if any, for future royalties (and this is only P1, so some time off still), it does not do much for one's unshakeable faith that the BOD is telling us Long-sufferers everything, does it?

    • obviously that should have been "solid tumors"

      1) notice the date, April 9 2013, three weeks before the IP for EZN-2208 is sold
      2) accrual is on going, etc., etc., yes, but why put it out there unless preliminary work looks encouraging

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