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  • sfsi_mont sfsi_mont Aug 24, 2013 1:49 PM Flag

    besides myself, anyone keeping an eye on the SFMI

    message board over there at InvestorsHub?
    seems some folks over there feel rather positive that something big is going to happen with 'ole silver falcon.
    it's been really difficult to trust SFMI's actions this last year.
    slap. . . with your latest post, it seems like they don't have a chance in h e l l - to make it.

    but according to GoldLand and longmike2 at investorsHub message board, it appears PQ may pull an Ace out of his sleeve.
    it's going to be a difficult decision
    but i think i am going back in with 15,000 shrs next week, start small.

    silver is heading up in price.