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  • prisonet prisonet Nov 17, 2005 10:07 PM Flag

    Outsourcing jobs

    There is nothing more aggravating than receiving a sales call in the evening from some outsourced Chase employee in India. In the first place, you can barely understand their poor English and secondly, I'm not going to tolerate it.

    If they're not American, they're getting a rude awakening. This is a piss poor way to do business. The next time I get a sales pitch from one of these foreign yahoos, I'm going to let my Texas attitude show.

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    • Did you know that the English that Indians learn from school and speak is actually the from the British system. Unlike wees americans aint got no future if we keep thinkin that the global economy is catching our tails and our bling aint shining brighter coz our teachers can't teach our children, coz uncle sam is thinks to fight terrorism is too bring terrorism to the middle east, we aint safer now than pre 9/11. So tell me that 80 billion we the taxpayers authorized to pay for "the war" and we can't find a 6'5" towelhead wearing mother$%#ker.
      Wakeup and blaming Chase for sending their telemarketing jobs to India, instead of inner city Dallas or Houston maybe is a better choice.

    • "I'm going to let my Texas attitude show. "
      All Texas bandicoots ought to be in Iraq rebuilding the damaged cities and cleaning up the toxic chemical weapons residue. The used nuclear bullets and missile heads should also be recovered and buried back in Texas.

      All texans should support the war in Iraq and enlist for duty. There won't be any drafts if texans line up and join the army, navy, and air force.

      The Texas national guard is also available for girlie boys who are afraid of action in the Army, Navy, Airforce. Etc.

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