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  • teerod88 teerod88 Sep 24, 2008 2:20 PM Flag

    How many unemployed are acceptable for you against the bailout?

    Workign people, out in the street. How many. 2, 3 million O with you just so you can stick it to the corporations?
    They pay people wages, those people pay taxes. Kil the coirporations and you kill America.

    Oh wait, now it all makes sense.

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    • Our companies are what make America great. This "bailout" is bringing the old class warfare debate to the surface. There is a disparity that needs to be addressed. But let's not pretend we can do without our great American companies or that the flow of credit doesn't affect us.

    • No bailout for the corporations that have raped this country. Bailout the unemployed and homeless with a "TRICKLE UP" program by giving each family a "STIMULUS CHECK" for $5,000. Let their spending "TRICKLE UP" to the corporations.

      Politicians who vote for a "bailout" should be voted out of office.

    • I work in finance.

      My 5 year old will have a better future in a society based on free-markets. His future has less promise if we live in socialism/fascism. Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan be damned.

      If your going to use the socialist argument to advocate taxpayer money going to the poor then I disagree, but I could accept it if we were cutting checks to the poor...instead we are cutting checks to Warren Buffet and Goldman sachs to buy their bad debt!

      That is a scam, everyone knows it. Quit kidding yourself. Read about how these people do business. Have you read the House of Morgan? the warburgs? the rockefellers? They advocate socialist sounding programs only to enrich and entrench themselves.

      The naive fall for the lies everytime.

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      • Absolutely correct. Make it clear to your elected representatives that their "statesmanship" in supporting this bailout farce will be rewarded by votes against them in November. The Senate may be relatively immune to short-term vote hatred, but ALL of the Congressmen are up for re-election in November and know that they are vulnerable.

    • You're assuming that the country can't function with a few less banks. I beg to differ.

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      • I would be more than a few and I think the fix is relatively simple. We just need to put a reasonable mark on house values and only the government has the liquidity to do it and free up the credoit markets. It's kind of an odd problem and no one except the government has the money necessary to ensure there will be a market at some pint form homes. I think this is another 2 year problem, but if the government can do this right the markets should open pretty quickly.

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