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  • panspermiah panspermiah Oct 3, 2008 7:27 PM Flag

    It's all a bad dream, sometimes I think

    Today waking up to the news of WELLS outbidding CITI and snubbing the FDIC and its sneaky deals.

    Now replace the players: WB is WM and WELLS is JPM. That's how it should have gone down.

    I played WM stock. Was in it 5 large. I knew it was a gamble, not a robbery.

    It's still surreal. What country do I live in where these kind of underhanded dealing and corruption runs rampant, and right in front of everyone's noses without as much a blink of the eye?

    I applaud Wells Fargo and what they did today. I think they learned from WAMU---they missed out on that steal, er, i mean deal.

    So now Wells Fargo exercised a new policy: screw the FDIC and playing fair when the game is rigged.

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