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  • maozedong8dimsum maozedong8dimsum Oct 14, 2008 9:47 AM Flag

    $25 BILLION TO JPM....IDIOTS!!!!


    This is money that should have gone to should go to shareholders.
    The feds are idiots

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    • With the Goldman-Sachs' team and Bernake handling the nation's finance, there is only one way of money flow - to the pocket of Wall Street.

      Step 1. Pump the money into the system and inflate it to the hell (wait, should be heaven, as most people see it);

      Step 2. Tighten the credit and squeeze the ordinary people; create massive panic.

      Step 3. Squeeze the money from the poor Joes and their children, and give it all to the big bankers;

      Step 4. Go back to Step 1.

      Along the way, be sure the bank not part of the pack will not get any, and make sure to force it out. There you have WaMu.

      The cycle is getting shorter and shorter, and the magnitude is getting greater and greater.

      They said there would be oversight. Where is it?
      The money has already been divvied up in one blow to the connected ones before anyone even started to organize an oversight body.

      Yes, the oversight body can be formed later to take care of the empty bag; but now, there is an imminent threat of live or death. (Fooled you three times.)

      Maybe they are not conspiring to do this, but what they are doing is just following the same cycle, nothing new, and nothing will work for the ordinary Joes.

      Now, back to WaMu's injustice.

    • No, you're just a sore loser. WaMu did themselves in.

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