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  • kimflem001 kimflem001 Feb 6, 2009 3:30 PM Flag

    Those who vote against the stimulus program

    should be voted out of office. They are so out of touch with the American people.

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    • I think they should start stimulating each other instead. This way nobody gets left 'behind'.

    • All those posturing and bickering in the Senate are really sickening.

    • Send whatever you have my way. I was out to dinner last night and they were giving good Saki and Sushi out for it still. Idont know this for a fact, but I understand there is a Porsche dealer near e who will still give you one for worthless paper. Sounds like a good deal, I'll check it out.

    • You also dont get paid the same money as you did when the FED started and you dont account for productivity either. We also dont have 5% inflation. Flat last year, negative the last 6 months, but it sounds good.

    • "Your money isnt constantly devalued by the way"

      Our dollar is worth 3 cents from the dollar the FED started with.

      People with fixed income earn around 3% interest while we have a 5% inflation rate. That is a 2% loss of the value of their money.

    • Your money isnt constantly devalued by the way. I didnt say the FED hasnt made big mistakes, but we have had a pretty good 25 years. Recessions are a part of it. The bills come due. If everyone lived as you and I did we would be in much better shape. Blaming everything on the FED is such a symptom of our culture today. No personal responsibility take advantage when you can, cry when it goes against you.

    • Amen. You've got that right! they are so completely oout of touch. The American people whom they serve are hurting badly. I say vote them all out next time. They need to know for whom they serve and who got them there.

      Good luck, all.


    • Sadly Odrama proved with his comments last night that he doesn't understand the term 'stimulus'---as an ecnomic principal. It proves how shallow but arragant this empty suit is---but he keeps flapping his yap.

    • ARE SMART. This has nothing to do with "stimulus"...just the most massive pork barrel of misc. BS that has ever been presented. Currently has a less than 30% support level by the American people. Will not pass the Senate as is.

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      • Have you read it or are you listening to Lindsey Graham on TV whose state of South Carolina is suffering from over 20% unemployment in most parts of the state. Talk about being out of touch.... Vote him out, So. Carolina. Yes, there are a few million of what you might call pork... but this is for kids and schools in poor areas. The package consists of almost $900 billions. We must pass it and soon. Remember Bush and Paulson in Sept - waving their arms as though the sky is falling? What happened to the 350 billion dollars they allocated to fix the system? No accountability at all! No transparency. Shadow govt. for 8 years and two wars. One illegal and unfounded. No Bin Laden like he promised. I resent that as I am a WTC survivor. I saw thousands of American die and become wounded and burned there. America has no idea what happened there. I still have my 9/11 cough and insomnia. No one helped me or many others. I have bronchial damage and wheezing which I never had until that day in which I was covered with debris and ash. I know there are others like me, too.

        Look what GWB and Cheney left us! A total mess! Now Obama is attempting to help the American people. He is brilliant! Articulate! What a refreshing change! 8 years of malaprops and stammering.... How did GW do it? (Get selected by one court justice in 2000 and manulative politics and scare and fear tactics in 2004 (Ohio and Pennsylvania were a joke). We had a mentally handicapped druggie and drunk in the White House who mangled our native language.

        Obama was elected by the people whom he never forgets. Just listen to him speak. Intelligence for a change is welcomed by us.

        Best regards and luck,


    • They aren't out of touch with me.

      I'm a not vote. Let's abolish the unconstitutional FED while we are at it.

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