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  • kingofvietnam Jan 13, 2010 10:04 PM Flag

    Most of our jobs went to China

    I think globalization really sucks !!! And here we are wondering what to do to create jobs. Blame Washington idiots for their stupidity I guess.

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    • You can thank Walmart for American jobs going overseas as they basically forced their suppliers to move production offshore just so they could sell an item for a few pennies less.

    • "Blame Washington idiots"
      They're not idiots; just highly paid by special interest groups.

    • Wake up and stand up, how much money the Communists have stolen from you? Do you want true liberty and democracy? Do you want your human rights be respected? Do you want your children live under Communist rule?

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      • I am American and I lost my job >1 year ago to some guy in India. I was a professional in the electronics field and have been unable to find similar work, having resorted to a menial job to pay the bills. I have two young adult children, both college educated and currently working low-wage jobs. I believe I'm fairly typical of a growing segment of the population that can expect a lower standard of living than their parents. I don't know if this trend can be reversed: too many jobs have already been shipped off-shore, too many factories shut down. America's manufacturing base has been whittled down the last 30 years, and it's workers sold down the river by corporations and politicians seeking profits and votes. All we export now is debt. The current generation of Americans are screwed. My vote will go to the first radical populist candidate that steps forward. Think Ron Paul on steroids. Our financial and political systems need to be deconstructed and rebuilt. I'm not a student of history and I don't know if there is a model which we should be following, all I know is that if radical steps are not taken soon, America will surely collapse under the weight of it's own self-indulgence.

    • Great !!!!!!!!!

    • what jobs???????????????????

    • As a small business person, I can say the tough thing about adding to payroll is the taxes and filing of paperwork and workers compensation, health insurance, liabilities for employment related lawsuits, and all that stuff. If I could just pay someone for working I'd do that a lot more. But now I have no actual employees. I hire independant contractors to get my stuff done. Let someone else have the headaches.

      As for globalization, it's a fact of life. We have rapid communication and transportation. If someone in Indonesia will happily work for $1 an hour, and the US employee wants $10/hr., then on some level the US employee has to be 10 times better to come out even. Unskilled and semi-skilled Americans are just screwed. Particularly with all the immigrant labor coming into the country to work hard for low wages. Our unskilled have to compete with that. If we are going to have open borders then any young person in America better get some skills, either with education or technical training. That's my opinion anyways.

    • kingofvietn...,

      My job can not go to China because they cannot do what I do. There are many millions of Chinese that have very good educations in Math and Science and would like nothing better than work for an American co. I wonder when American kids learn that if they want to succeed they have to take learning Math and Science seriously. Barely 70% of all American kids graduate from high school and only about 50% of Blacks graduate from high school. Then they expect to have a high standard of living. I have very bad news for them: they will be working for the Chinese and Indians who took their educations seriously and want to get ahead!

      Good for them!


    • Because gas was cheap and it was cheaper to transport goods from China than to make them here.....not to mention the fact that the Chinese...AND THE MEXICANS....were willing to work for peanuts(1.00 per hour man)...while the U.S unions were too greedy....extemism always ends up messy and we are living in a world of shit as meth is the biggest business around and our children are paying the price....way to go Wall made a short term profit at the price of a worldwide calamity....and now you want bonuses. Make no mistake...Wall Street rewarded companies who made profit from the expoitation of slave labor in other countries.

    • Than , buy everything made in China. Where da money went ? Of couse China !

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      • If you want to buy everything made in China, just go to Walmart. They don't sell any American made products anymore. Since Sam Walton death and control of the company going to his children, those greedy scum sold out every american vendor they had and replaced them with China and the South pacific rim of nations all to save us poor american a few more dollars so they say. What they really have done is fill their greedy pockets with cash from americans while cutting our throats.

    • You are right about Washington Scum. But these guys are not idiots, they haved planned this for years. Businessmen and visionaires built this country and went to Washington for a short stay to run our government. Now all we have is bleeding heart scum liberals and 560 or so scum lawyers who lie with every word they can muster. They would sell out there own mother so don't think they have a problem selling out you; the stranger. We are the biggest idiots of all for voting those liberal scum pieces of $hit into office. Vote Democrat, loose jobs. It's that simple. Got two phases for any of you who are interested in knowing where all your jobs went to destroy the middle class:
      1. NAFA // passsed by our beloved scum Bill Clinton
      2. China Free Trade // passed by our beloved Bill Clinton
      Who got the blame for all the problems // George Bush.
      Look who was over the Banking oversite commite. Barney Frank. Note // What kind of idiot would it take to vote for this lying airbag?
      Last quote of the day // All Americans fault for trying to get something for nothing and thinking like sheep.

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      • kingofvietnam Jan 13, 2010 11:23 PM Flag

        Very respectable lecture Glen. I honestly suggest to our government THAT the only way to INCREASE the quality of life in America is to LOWER THE MINIMUM WAGE ! Let say we cap it at ONE DOLLAR PER HOUR for every American, that's including Wall Street execs and or even President Barak Obama.

      • No doubt this goes back many years !!!! They saw the writing on the wall in the 70 ,s when the Gold window was closed !!!
        They had to find a way to hide all the inflation they knew was coming so Nixon went to open up China shortly after the Gold window was closed knowing that manufacturers would have plenty of cheap labor and that would keep prices of these goods down and mask the inflation that they were creating !!!!!!!!

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