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  • queefagg queefagg Jan 26, 2010 4:11 PM Flag

    Bankers want to embarrass Obama tomorrow

    you saying what ?

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    • like all despots, he will continue to blame a small group of people for the troubles of the many. First he demonized doctors(amputations for profit, removing tonsils needlessly, etc) , insurance companies(canceling policies if you get sick, excluding pre-existing conditions, etc). since that didn't work so well for him, now he goes after the evil banks with his "We want our money back" routine.

      I guess he figures since we elected Scott Brown, we must all be a bunch of red-necked nazis in pickup trucks, and as such, we must hate Jews, and consider bankers to be evil, greedy Jews.

      So if he attacks the 'bankers' we will all love him again.

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