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  • speedlimit55 Jun 28, 2010 11:38 PM Flag

    Does this person Lisa Foradori, Senior VP

    works for Chase?

    Today I got a FedEx package about mortgate rate reduction that was mailed from the
    Chase office located 4 Applegate Drive, Robbinsville, NJ 08691

    It's a very suspicious envelope which anybody can make it up and there is a toll free number
    1-866-818-7033 to call. I did a toll free reverse number search online and came up with nothing tied to Chase. So right away my suspicion grows. I searched the property address and it does not even say Chase buy something like Fullfillment Center.

    I went to Chase and check to see if there was a SVP by the name of Lisa Fordori and couldn't find anything.

    I believe this is a fake letter trying to scam. But again I don't deal with banks by mail or call in to 800 number. I just go down to my local bank branch since it's much safer.

    Too much scam going on and u don't know who is legit these days.

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    • buckster1257 Nov 4, 2010 3:45 PM Flag

      This must be a scam I received a letter from Lisa Foradori I needed to responded by Sept. 29th. I responded by Sept 27th. I spoke with Mike Dunn and went thru the whole process. The title company got in touch with me and that was it. I called the title compny and was told my file was close. I called Mike and he
      was out of the office for 4 days. I called and spoke to another rep who sent my to Chris. I was told my offer was closed because they weren't able to verify employment. My company uses an outside company for verification. Chase paid the $20.00 for this. I told them why didn't somebody call me to let me know I could have contacted my HR Dept. to see what was going on. Oh I'm sorry Justin sent for it in Oct 12th and recieved it on Oct. 18th and never put it in the computer. So now your offer has expired. I told them because Justin dropped the ball and didn't do his job why should I be responsible when this wasn't my fault. So now they want to offer me something new and for this they will have to run a credit check and my loan will go to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. I am contacting the BBB. And trying to track down Lisa Foradori to speak to her.

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      • << Used to work for Chase >>

        She is a real person but her name would be used for most if not all mailings..

        Anyone can assist.. get name/ employee id everytime and continue to work with the same person when possible

        Unlikely you will deal with her or that she can assist more so than an advisor, customer facing are the experts.. escalate through proper channels as necessary if you dont receive proper service at the advisor level

    • Lisa Foradori
      Chief Marketing Officer for Home Lending at JPMorgan Chase

      Columbus, Ohio Area
      Financial Services
      Current •SVP Retail Marketing at JPMorgan Chase
      •Chief Marketing Officer for Home Lending at JPMorgan Chase
      Past •Marketing Manager at Bank of America
      •Marketing Analyst at Bank One
      Connections 37 connections
      Public Profile

    • Lisa Foradori is a real person...I work for Chase and work close by her.

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      • I would love her email address, maybe she can help me, I an a longtime chase mortgage client and need her to direct me . help. thanks my other email is

      • Martin,
        Is it possible to get email of Lisa. I need to contact her about letter I got via fedex and missed the deadline.

      • I also received this FedEx package and spoke to David S. Simpson when I called in on Sept. 21. He was supposed to get back to me the next day with rates and closing costs. Never heard back. Sent him an email and he promised to get the information to me that day - never heard back. Spoke to the concierge 800# - David told the concierge staff person that he would call me in an hour. I never heard back. Sent another email to David Simpson - never heard back. On October 12th, I called Concierge again and they put me through to his supervisor, Gus Perez's voice mail. I left a very detailed message with three phone numbers. Never heard back. Today I am emailing a Mr. Renfro - maybe I'll finally hear back.

        I don't understand this because we have been model customers. My voicemails and emails were all very respectful and professional. Why won't anyone call me back?

        I work in direct marketing - I'm sure it must be frustrating to your marketing department to put out materials and then have your customer service department totally drop the ball and not follow through with current and potential customers. It's a great way to lose valued customers to other mortgage companies.

      • wkarp Oct 1, 2010 12:06 PM Flag

        I called the number to refinance back on Aug 16. I still have not closed. I was told not to pay the upcoming laon payment since I was refinancing. Now I am told that I am late and have past due charges. The Chase person even stated the letter from Lisa Foradori is a rogue letter.
        I also am told the loan rate is 4.825 not the 4.5 and I will have closing closts but her letter stated all fees are waived so there will be no closing costs.

        I have asked repeatedly to talk to her buy get nowhere.

        If you work that close to her, have her contact me so I can get this resolved.

    • She does work for chase and is based in Columbus Ohio. The letter is simply a solicitation to lower your rate is all.

      People need to chill out and quit looking for the bogey man behind every tree.

    • sullivan.sean Jul 26, 2010 10:52 PM Flag

      What did you find out because I received the same letter today and I was planning to go to my local Chase center.

    • speedlimit55 Jun 28, 2010 11:51 PM Flag

      here is the link of the property address that is on the envelope claimed to be from Chase
      I am very skeptical so I don't ever call the toll free number.
      You just can trust who is on the other line these days taking you personal information
      for a mortgage. I just prefer to go to my local bank and meet them in person

      too much scam going on these days and they all claimed to be working for big bank like Chase

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