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  • much.faster much.faster Jan 30, 2013 7:47 AM Flag

    the daily daley

    in 2008 richard daley was then mayor of chicago (you know, the town of barack obama, jamie dimon and the chamical bank, carl levin, al capone and a lot of other "honorable" men). and as mayor of chicago he was responsible for the chicago policemens anuity pension fund. he appointed four of the eight boardmembers, four of the eight police crooks, who made the ridiculous and fraudulent claim of 39000 mio against wamu, to prevent wamu from gaining fresh capital or sell themself. this claim is clearly criminal and fraudulent, because it is now reduced to 372 mio. a petty cash for the criminal lawyers, who made the claim against wamu. and the boardmembers of the chicago policemens anuity pesnion fund allowed this claim, four of them appointed by richard daley (barack obama and rahm emanuel are not to be mentioned here).

    after wamu was not able to sell themself because of the ridiculous claim of this "honorable" men (doral bank with frank baier, an alan fishman friend, the chicago policemens anuity pension fund, boilermakers and marta) and were seized by the ots, and the wamu assets were "gifted" at a firesale price to jpmorgan, what happened with richard daley?

    he got a nice job at .... drumrolls please ... jpmorgan as senior advisor.

    now, daley got his reward for his help in the second biggest bank heist. obama (the second term) and emanuel (the mayor of chicago) too. but what was with the bush gang? remember, georgie was president, when the second biggest bank heist happened (he was also president, when the biggest, the bank of bagdad, occurred). well, jeb and christie (newyersey mob) avoided a romney presidency. and you can bet, dimon and blankfein promised them a presidency in 2016. jeb and his running mate christie, lol.

    al capone would be proud of this america.

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