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    40% Of Americans Blame The Financial Crisis On Zionists


    If We Tumble Into A Depression

    If America goes over the brink, then it won't be a good day to be a Zionist. You could see by the reaction to Madoff, that there is a lot of subliminal distaste, and distrust, of this group.

    A European Poll

    It seems 36% of Europeans blame Jews for the financial crisis.

    An American Poll

    The ADL admits that at least 40% of Americans see Zionists at the heart of this fiscal calamity.

    Throughout History, Zionists Have Always Known How To Shift The Blame

    When they want something, they will always use a provocation (False Flag), as a staging event. In World War One, the Lusitania was conveniently sunk, World War Two was Hitler invading Poland, and in 2001, you had the 9/11 attack.

    Zionists want America to invade Iran, and Arabs to be blamed for triggering the depression. One choice is for Israel to attack Iran, then America enters the Iran fracas, but in that scenario, the Americans will blame the Zionists. There is only one option for Zionists to escape the blame for this economic calamity, and that's if a 'Arab' nuke goes off in America.

    A nuke is a clean operation. You could do it with five people. An attack on a US warship is too complicated, and is not fool-proof, as Israel learned from their False Flag attack on the USS Liberty back in 1967.

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    • And 99.9% thank the Jews for the vaccines invented by Salk and Sabin that saved us from the scourge of polio and 99.9% thank the Jews for the US nuclear sub fleet invented, engineered, and brilliantly deployed by Admiral Rickover that made it impossible for the Russians to launch a successful surprise nuclear attack on us.
      No doubt you're part of the one-tenth of one percent who are so bigoted they have to find a scapegoat for every problem they encounter. Enjoy your life - - I'm sure it's beautiful.

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