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  • bankerbuster bankerbuster Feb 14, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    How Long Will Our TRAITORS

    Try to hide the PM shortages in defense of their Dollar fiat PONZI?

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    • I know that the bright torch of Europe (Germany ) will never ever TRUST the Federal Reserve to store its gold again, have you folks thought about this? Do you realize the consequences of lost TRUST? Lost SECURITY?

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      • These TRAITORS want to break your financial back. First by fraud (mortgage fiasco) then by fraud(naked Precious metal shorting-gold vault leasing)) to food stamps and slavery. Don't let these law breakers take away your constitutional rights. Don't let them have your gun. They taken your job and given it to a communist Chinaman...theyve barfed on your housing and filed BK against you...sure they'll give you food stamps and a gov subsidized room but why do they want your guns? Watch out because once they have you eating out of their hand they own your soul...don't hand over your gun to TYRANTS.

      • Do any of you JPM investors??? know whats in store for your hard earned investment in smoke and mirror Banxting?

    • Europe is in Depression. Its GDP is still contracting and Greece,Italy, Spain,Portugal and France can not grow under Bankster austerity measures. Germany is getting sucked into the Vortex. Japan is commencing currency wars with the rest of the world and the USA has grown the food stamp ranks to over 47 million.
      The USA Banks are existing on the Federal Confetti printing Press. JPM is King of the Food Stamp Brigade. Car sales are down. Fuel costs are climbing. Industry has not returned to USA shores and never will again...until theyve raped every single last investor. Obama has plans for us all...he wants you guns...hes not even a citizen of the US...hes just another GS that guy Monti in Italy...

    • uhhhh....hmmmm? Until VELOCITY of fiat dollars starts to kick in?

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