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  • escarigo70 escarigo70 Mar 15, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

    The submarine of austerity will sunk all boats of growth in europe

    The south european economies are like many boats in the sea, austerity is like a submerine that sunk all no competitive boas of the economy, boats are sunk by the sumbrine, lots of sailors in the sea (unemployeds).
    The boats of the economie are disapering with the sbmerine austerity and time after time there are more sailors in the sea (unemployeds), the south economies of europe can´t create new competitive boats to put the sailors in new boats if europe stay in austerity more and more boats of the economy are sunked with no boats the number of sailors ( unemployeds) are growing, i beieve this is what is happening in south of europe with austerity.

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