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  • escarigo70 escarigo70 Mar 20, 2013 6:46 AM Flag

    American economy going nuts- part II

    The correction of the economy that not happen after the credit crisis, was changed by the policy of stymulus, that gave a irreal exuberance of the prices and earnings of usa companys, that is done, now the taxes are the weapons of the Fed that try to avoid the run of the prices, if inflation is controled this is a indicator that what was done in 5 years is controled, but what is the future?
    more stymulus measures?
    or austerity?

    If stymulus bring more taxes and austerity in this moment don´t liberate the economy from taxes at short term, the taxes are controling the the usa economy, the point here is find a solution that create growth with less taxes,
    but that is impossible because taxes control the economy, i belive that austerity in a short time will bring less taxes, i believe that austerity will bring more taxes, stymulus with control of inflation and taxes are the 3 keys that cold control the economy, if austerity is made that could create more taxes, more unemplyment, less investment.

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