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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Oct 21, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

    More gov't gone nuts. Whatever happened to America??

    A few months ago, i did a spring change for a local guy, who works at a sheet metal company in Seattle. A gov't snoopdog walked into their shop and went through their garbage cans. He found a small piece of asbestos and the company was fined 50K. Whatever happened to America??

    i've had a garage door company for 18 years and 9 years ago, i brought in my Son and formed an LLP. There are still thousands/millions of old swing-out garage doors out there. California is covered with them and the gov't is afraid that small children will crawl on the cement floor, eating lead paint chips. A couple years ago, they came out with strict rules for removing doors with lead paint buried in them. If a company chooses to still remove them, they have to get certified and follow certain rules for removal. You have to be certified for lead paint investigation, run yellow tape around the area like a crime scene, put plastic around the interior of the garage, wrap the door in plastic and dump it in a certified dump station. You have to dress in special clothing and use special hepa filters in cleaning up any door particles. The filters can only be used once. If you get caught removing these doors without certification, the company can be fined 54K dollars. They took a one hour job and multiplied it by 3.

    my Son and i chose not to touch swing-out doors. i used to carry used springs for the single wide doors and would sell them to the customer for 10 bucks. Most of them are easily installed in 15 minutes. All the used springs that we had went to the metal yard.

    The gov't is fighting a war against small business and common sense has been buried....

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