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  • Yankees07 Yankees07 Apr 17, 1998 12:27 AM Flag

    When was the last time JPM split?

    I think the last time JPM split, was actually a reverse split...not sure because I was into intel, microsoft, and ibm, back then. I'm in Dow Components because they're less risky than tech day has come and gone...

    But I'll say this, my lil' bro said the next floppy might be Iomega or some other companies' zip drive, syquest...He just bought 1000 shares of Iomega...Has strong holding in Yhoo and seek...If this is anything, he sold his entire stake in AOL in favor of some cable internet company or companies...don't talk to the little guy out there often...makes me proud

    Oh, did you mean JPM's future...haven't followed it...I just like the conversation on this board now. I've even closed my ears to financials, unless you bring up CBH.

    You'll have to scan back a few posts...

    You know, the public sentiment, what you see on the evening news, is that the G-7 countries, those countries with a strong economy...Italy, Germany, USA, Japan, Canada...there's three more...just had a meeting. They attacked Japan, but said that they wouldn't help strengthen the yen.

    Keep in mind that JPM does a lot more business than just the typical Money Center stuff...JP Morgan, since 1890's? Something
    like that, over 100 years old, so this company has made friends. But don't forget the risks, barring a Latin American melt down,
    since JPM placed a major stake in a bank there, Latin American countries are in the midst of de-regulating their banks, JPM should
    be okay and the worst of the bad news may be over. Keep in mind, Japan is still in a recession, Juharto, whatever the
    indonesian's name is, still won't comply, Korea, Thailand, are going to follow the rest of Asia and the Thai, Bhat is still licking its
    wounds...JPM still has 4 Billion dollars of loans there.

    Pretty clear to me...

    But no guarantees, we'll see how the large shareholders feel once merger news dies down. JPM has a good book value, trades decent...has a slightly better than hold, moderate buy recommendation from my buddies...I don't go to Yahoo for this one, I make my own calls

    If I looked at JPM right now, and was not in the stock, I'd feel good about letting the earnings season go by and checking
    in with this stock again in May. Put it on your screen and definitely pick it up if it hits 120's this month, that's how
    volatile this earnings quarter is going to be. If JPM is back at 120, like I said before, I'm a definite buy. What this would mean,
    JPM at 120, is that this Dow Dog wouldn't have done a thing since last summer...phew...given JPM's recent earnings
    announcement...I'd like JPM at 120.

    But don't bet on it, we'll see in two weeks, no one can predict this weather...tornadoes...

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    • Hi's it going? Took a look at CBH and like what I see...charts remind me of ntrs - remember we've had this conversation before. Anyways, don't have any $ on sidelines right now, but always like to keep an eye out. I recall that you said you preferred CBH and now I'm wondering why. I don't know how much you know about ntrs or how its business fundamentals compare with CBH, but any insights would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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      • Hey, ilikestock is back...

        I really couldn't pull myself off this board. I don't follow JPM anymore though...

        CBH vs. NTRS:

        You're right, virtually equal in terms of fundamentals...Here's what fundamentals aren't telling us:

        1. a. NTRS is getting out of brokerage business...tightening their core businesses.
        b. CBH just acquired AH Williams...getting into business Commerce Capital Markets based in SF, NY, Phila., Bost...Commerce Bank's business is growing.

        2. NTRS market cap 8 Billion on 110 million shares
        CBH market cap almost 1 Billion on 17 million shares

        3. CBH only has 76 branch offices in Northeast and offers better account offerings versus First Union and Summit. Weary account holders are going to flee First Union because of their new banking policies...First Union acquired Core States and Summit acquired Collective...Leaving only Commerce and Fleet as alternatives in NJ, Penn, Del...This tri-state area has tremendous potential if a bank comes in with better rates and a better way of doing business.

        So still too much competition for Commerce? Well Commerce Bank's advertising campaign, "The Yes Bank," is raising some
        eyebrows. Small businesses love to do business with Commerce because of their #1 customer service. So, if they're so good at the work
        place, many of these people take Commerce home with them. An unsatisfied customer talks 10 times as loud as the satisfied
        one...First Union, Summit, these guys are in big trouble...CBH keeps chugging along. Commerce Bank is in every phase of the financial
        sector with the addition of AH Williams. So I decided, the numbers between CBH and NTRS being equal, the bank with the highest
        potential for growth. Commerce Bank.

        Thanks for NTRS,

        No one has ever made the choice more difficult...

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