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  • denim_deity denim_deity Feb 13, 2006 6:00 PM Flag

    Vera Van Ert GONE from Wedbush!!!

    Vera Van Ert is no longer an Analyst at Wedbush Morgan!!! She last appeared on a Wedbush Research Report as the Analyst covering Footwear and Apparel on 1/23/06. Her phone 213-688-4457 has been disconnected. Jeff Mintz now covers Footwear and Apparel, he had been covering Softline Retailers. Also gone is Carrie Vilaplana. She last appeared on a Research Report on 1/20/06. Per the NASD she now works at Wells Fargo. Her number 213-688-4529 also disconnected.

    Looks like the bad call on TRLG finally caught up to Vera Van Ert!!! Good ridens!!!

    There now exists the potential that Jeff Mintz will undo Vera's work and Upgrade and Raise the Price Target on TRLG.

    That would be HUGE if Wedbush does that.

    Maybe after Earnings!!!

    So long Vera!!! Worthless POS!!!

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    • GREAT CATCH, denim. i assume you are right and this is truly a great day for TRLG longs. if TRLG really did cost her her job, i wouldn't be surprised to hear that she is a crooked analyst and is in trouble with the SEC. that would also make me a very happy person. and i'm not one to wish ill will on anyone, but this chick was over the top.

      thanks again for the news.

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      • So far she has a "Clean" U-4. You can check a person's U-4 by going to
        I discovered that the other Analyst covering TRLG at Wedbush, Carrie Vilaplana, now works at Wells Fargo by checking her out at that site. Its still shows Vera Van Ert at Wedbush, but I don't think her file is up-to-date. Anyway, recent Research Reports no longer include Vera or Carrie on the Roster and show Jeff Mintz as the Analyst covering Footwear & Apparel. Adrienne Tennant may also be contributing to Research in Footwear & Apparel, but Jeff Mintz is the "Lead" Analyst. Jeff writes a weekly Report called "Scenes from the Mall" where he has been very Bullish on Trends in Denim. Especially the new "Skinny Fit" Trend. I'm extremely confident that Wedbush will become Bullish on TRLG again once they report Q4. We'll see...

    • Any other Analyst have any comment on TRLG recently?

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      • No the New Analyst Jeff Mintz hasn't said anything about TRLG yet. He did drop TAGS though. He'll probably drop INNO. This is probably why Van Ert and Vilaplana got fired. They Downgraded TRLG when they should have Upgraded TRLG. And they initiated coverage way too late on TAGS and INNO.

        I can tell you that Vera & Carrie are OUT of Wedbush. And that Jeff Mintz picked up TRLG. I think once the numbers come out on 3/1/06 you'll see Wedbush Upgrade and Raise the Price Target.

        I bet you anything that Jeff Mintz on that TRLG Call...