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  • madhuben5 madhuben5 Apr 29, 2006 8:16 AM Flag

    Vector Vest -- TRLG

    Vector Vest value TRLG $32.34.

    Actresses wear TRLG Jeans. TRLG Jeans are HOT. I think stock price will reflect increasing sales and earning, Analyst estimate $1.25 this year $1.55 next year.

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    • Finally! someone says something positive.
      Thanks for your input. I think the stock will trade between 26 and 30 dollars a share this year. 1.25 x 21 = 26.25 per share and thats at a discount to its growth rate. If you give it a pe based on its growth rate the price goes much higher.
      All of the people who let the shorts and the bashers punk them out, and scared them into to selling were just weak hands that could not stand the pressure. I am Holding MY SHARES and will not be scared off by a bunch of lies from bashers and shorts. I do my homework on the stock so I can just sit back and laugh at all of their desperate nonsense.
      In the end the EARNINGS and Earnings Growth of this company will prevail. Just sit back, relax,pop a cold one, and enjoy the ride. Smoke em if ya got em fella's.