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  • nbzovi nbzovi Jul 21, 2008 1:04 AM Flag

    TRLG NOW IN IBD 100!!!!

    Weekly additions to the Investors Business Daily-100
    The following are additions to the Investors Business Daily- 100 list for the week of July 18: Research In Motion (RIMM), New Oriental Education & Tech.(EDU), China Medical Tech (CMED), Colfax Corp. (CFX), Sadia SA (SDA), Activision Blizzard (ATVD), ABB Ltd, (ABB), Mindray Medical (MR), Valmont Industries (VMI), Amphenol Corp (APH), True Religion Apparel (TRLG), Gulfmark Offshore (GLF), Microsemi (MSCC), Cash America Intl. (CSH), Buenaventura Comp ADS (BVN), Cameron Intl. (CAM), Buckle Inc (BKE), HUB Group (HUBG), Ametek Inc. (AME), Cummins (CMI),Fluor (FLR), smith International (SII), Gulf Island Fabrication (GIFI)

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    • and your post of the likely very accurate depiction of bs trd k d will probably get deleted too. How many other posts has the bstr dk d had deleated?

    • from reading b s k d posts this reads like a spot on characterization of b s . t r d . k d!
      Its insightfulness, is a likely indicator of a very acurate depiction of the true b s . t r d . k d.

      You were right when you posted here on 9-21 that trlg had reached its peak and that within a month it would lose 1/2 its value. I saw that your post was deleted the next day, on Monday, after checking back later where I read many posts about how great it would be for trlg stock price because trlg was now in the IBD 100 but no longer saw your post.
      But you were spot on about trlg stock price a month ago.
      And this time it looks like you are spot on about bs t rd kd.

    • I do believe that IBD is a bit of a "lagging" indicator, but it appears their theory is more trend trading than day trading/trading in choppy markets. But, I'm curious Indy, since you are so smart, what are the "leading" indicators you must know and use to identify great growth companies. Or could it be you just look for IBD 100 list members during bear markets and that is your leading indicator?

    • and of course if you follow IBD "religioulsy" you know better than to be buying any gowth stock in the current correction
      IBD followers may have tr on their radars but would NOT even think of buying any growth stock until a new rally is confirmed and then would only buy a growth stock breaking out of a proper base
      so NO buying support whatsoever from the IBD crowd

    • cancerboy is back on the hqnt talkboard tonight. hehehehe

    • trlg was Number 97 last week

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      • Think your mistaken,

        Stocks not in the IBD 100 last week making the strongest debuts: RIMM at 39; EDU at 41; CMED at 42; CFX at 43 (on Friday, we noted CFX could make its debut); SDA at 55; ATVID at 63; ABB at 71; MR at 72; VMI at 74; APH at 75; TRLG at 80; GLF at 83; MSCC at 89; CSH at 90; BVN at 91; CAM at 92; BKE at 93; HUBG at 95; AME at 96; CMI at 97; FLR at 98; SII at 99; GIFI at 100...