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  • cangelosi_g cangelosi_g Dec 9, 2009 4:46 PM Flag


    Why do you not tell us how many shares you are short ---we all know you would like it to go to 15. The constant drill doesn't make it a self fulfilling prophesy. It could be 18 to 18.50 to 19 to 20. Get the picture?

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    • My trading system has strict guidelines. So let me answer you this way.

      My portfolio runs in the neighborhood of $150,000 thousand and I usually spread that out among 8-10 stocks which means that I usually do not have more than 10% of my portfolio into any one stock, unless I double up like I did today.

      During the last 3 months the market has been difficult and I have brought down my exposure to the market where I normally enter a stock with about 6% of my portfolio.

      6% of my portfolio is $9,000 per stock. Nonetheless, I do give stocks a probability rating and the higher probability I put more into it and the lower probability I put less into it. As such, my involvement would have been 500 shares but since I have a high probability rating with this stock I originally shorted 700. Now, with today's double-up I now have 1400 shares short.

      Does that answer your question to your complete understanding of how my trading system works?