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  • wedgecake wedgecake Jan 4, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    What is the Revenue Potential of Vasco's DigiPass Wins?

    To Kaliascurt..are you basing your 50 cents per token on $4 each amnd then amortized (divided into) over 7 yrs? Obviously, Vasco has multiple price/ security schema options here.
    What is your take on the revenue potential of the 2m new users in Italy/ Belgium riding on the MyDigiPass cloud 2013/ 2014?
    Tx Curt

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    • I can only speak of Belgian Belfius deal. This is simply a replacement of hardware tokens already in use. And as Belfius is a fully owned government bank, I assume the costprice will be split in half between the bank and the government. In the end, Vasco receives the same fee.
      And yes, trust me: the fee of $4 to $22 is per device (per token). And as battery limetime is at least 5 years, you should do your math again.
      And these tokens are put at the disposal of the end user free of charge. Banks are willing to pay because of the extra security and cost savings on staff and other overhead costs thanks to electronic banking.
      FYI: my wife and I have in total 5 tokens in the house, mostly for banking. Do you really believe we are willing to pay $4 per token, per month? I don't think so.
      Again, and I repeat, the only way for Vasco to receive a recurrent monthly fee (or a fee for each login) is when the end user is using a software token.
      And finally: think about it. If your calculation was correct, the Belfius deal would generate $57 mio annually (1.2 mio devices x $4 x 12 months). Again I don't think so.

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    • the Vasco Identikey pricing is NOT per token amortized over 7 years! Here's the exact quote from SC Magazine's review dated 1/3/2013:
      "At a cost starting at around $3,800 for the server license, plus around $4 to $22 per device depending on volume, this offering can result in quite the price tag. However, we find it to be a good value for the money based on its highly flexible ability to be customized to easily meet the needs of even home-grown web apps."
      Per device is per user endpoint not per token. Whether it's per month or yr or one-time is not stated. All the literature quotes these rates as per month per inbox, etc.
      Comments welcome here.

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